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What does duma mean in Swahili?


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It means Cheetah in Swahili!

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Cheetah, not chettah: duma.

The Duma is the legislative body for the Russian Federation. It is the group that makes laws for the nation of Russia.

In swahili,Imani mean's ''Faith''

Brandon is not a Swahili name, but to make the name look Swahili it would be... Brandoni.

Simba means "lion" in Swahili.

Not a Swahili word. Looks West African.

The Duma is a representative.

The duma was a electic problety.

This question is in the Swahili-to-English section, but the words are not Swahili.

Ngoy is not a Swahili word. If it were, it would be spelled ngoi.

Duma Mseleku's birth name is Narada Duma Mseleku.

This is not a Swahili word. It may be a word or name from West Africa.'s a name Xavier can be pronounced as Zeivya or Ekseivya in Swahili.

This has the appearance of a word or name in an African language, but it has no meaning in Swahili.

The Duma. The Duma is the lower house- something similar to the Congress" House of representatives- the Presidium is the upper house- akin to the Senate.DumaThe Duma or Duma.

Taka means dirt or trash in swahili. a longer version of it is takataka.

Not a word in Swahili. By its apearance it could be a word from another Bantu language.

Duma Nokwe died in 1978.

Duma Nokwe was born in 1927.

The Production Budget for Duma was $12,000,000.

Sibusiso Duma was born in 1985.

Duma Kumalo died in 2006.

Christian Duma was born in 1982.

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