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DX is a tag team formed by Triple H, HBK, and other (former) WWE wrestlers. DX stands for D-Generation X, commonly known among fans and others as DX.

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Q: What does dx mean in WWE?
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What does dx mean?

DX means a face or a WWE ( World Wrestling Entertainment ) team with Shawn Micheals and Triple H

Is dx coming back to the WWE?

no dx is not coming back because Shawn michells is retired from wwe

Who is the funiest person in WWE?

(2010) um the funiest person in wwe was dx and now there is no more dx in wwe and now the funiest person in wwe is santino and his partner!

Did dx take cocaine in wwe?


Who is the best tagteen in the WWE?


Why is DX banned from the WWE?

Because DX embarrassed the WWE Chairman Mr. McMahon, his son Shane and the entire Spirit Squad

Is dx really friends?

no it just in wwe

Who was in DX in WWE?


What does suck it mean in WWE?

When DX was around they always say,"And we got 2 words for yah you can SUCK IT!!"

WWE where is dx?

DX is a retired tag team, no longer together. This is because Triple H is the COO of WWE and Shawn Michaels is retired from wrestling.

Will dx be returning to WWE in 2009?

they already have 2008

Where can you go to get DX glow sticks?

in WWE shop.

Who is the Unified WWE Tag Team Championship?


What is the name of wwe dx's theme song?

break it down

Who is sings WWE DX entrance?

The Chris Warren Band

Is dx undefeated?

DX as in WWE Wrestling tag team Shawn Michaels And Hunter Hearst Helmsley are defeated.

If x-pac returned to the WWE will he be a part of dx?

Most likely not because DX isn't a faction anymore

Who are some WWE dx superstars?

Some WWE dx superstars include Shawn Michaels and Triple H and they are considered the biggest money makers for this professional league by some critics.

Does john cena want to be a part of dx?

No. When he debuted he did, but when he became WWE Champion he got over wanting to be part of DX

Who is your favorite WWE wrestler?

John Cena, DX , Randy Orton

Who will win the tag titles from dx?

The WWE is unpredictable it could be anyone!

WWE how much does dx weigh?

their combined weight is 485 pounds

Are Wwe Kelly Kelly and Edge dating?

shes dating dx

Who are WWE DX?

WOW, I think that's crazy that you didnt know that but hey ... DX is Triple H and The HBK Shawn Michaels. =]

Will WWE reform degeneration x?

no mr machon banned dx from reforming