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The Spanish word 'centro comercial' means 'shopping mall' or 'shopping center' in the English language. Examples of shopping malls include the Mall of America and Memorial Mall.

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Q: What does el centro comercial mean in english?
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How do you say in the mall in spanish?

al centro comercial!!!

What does el centro mean in English?

El Centro means "The Center."

How do you say I am going in the mall?

Voy en el centro comercial.

What does el centro commercial mean in English?

shopping mall

Where is the El Centro Public Library in El Centro located?

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When was El Centro College created?

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When was El Centro Imperials created?

El Centro Imperials was created in 1947.

When did El Centro Imperials end?

El Centro Imperials ended in 1952.

When was El Centro Theatre created?

El Centro Theatre was created in 1946.

What is the phone number of the El Centro Public Library in El Centro?

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What is the Spanish translation of English words 'go to the mall'?

Ve a el centro commercial

How would you tell someone in spanish that you are going to downtown?

You say, "el centro."El centro