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Q: What does el pais in cifras mean?
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What does El pais mas rico del mundo mean?

El pais mas rico del mundo means The richest country in the world.

What does el prefijo de pais Mean?

country code

What does Cual es el poblacion de tu pais mean?

Cual es el poblacion de tu pais means What is the population of your country

What does the main headline of el pais mean in spanish?

It means the country.

What does El Norte del Pais mean?

it means: the north of the country.

How do you spell country's in Spanish?

el pais

How do you spell country in spanish?

el pais

Can el pais be purchased in Toronto?

You will need to buy a subscription and have it shipped to you. Theres actually no building of El Pais in Toronto. They will mail it to you once you purchase it.

Cual es el pais y continente de Mumbai?

Pais: India, Continente Asia

Cuando fue descubierto el pais de Hungary?

el año 896

Which Cali news are available on the website El Pais?

El Pais is a California daily newspaper and it is regional and based in California. The name El Pais translates in English to "The World". It contains important and breaking news related to Latin culture and items and subjects important to the region and other latin regions.

Cual es el pais numero 5?