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What does electric eels eat?

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Q: What does electric eels eat?
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What animals do electric eels eat?

Electric eels diets consists mostly of fish.

Do electric eels eat plants?

Electric eels do not eat plants. They are carnivores, and will feed on fish, frogs, and small birds.

Why are electric eels electric?

to kill the fish that they eat

What food do electric eels eat?

Electric eels eat any type of food that is available to them. Because of this, they are considered to be opportunistic feeders.

How does electric eels eat?

They eat through their mouths.

Do sharks eat electric eels?

Electric eels lives if freshwater rivers. Sharks almost all live in the open ocean. They just wouldn't meet. So no, Sharks don't eat Electric eels.

Do electric eels eat humans?

No. We're too big. Addendum to above answer: Electric eels can be potentially harmful to humans but they do not anything nearly as large as us. Electric eels eat fish and small animals.

What do baby electric eels eat?

other baby eels (dead ones)

Do great white sharks eat electric eels?

Electric eels live i freshwater rivers. Great White Sharks live in the open ocean. So no, great Whites don't eat Electric eels.

How much do electric eels eat?


What do Electric Eels eat and drink?


What eats electric eel?

night fish eat electric eels

What Eats Electric Eels?

No water animals eats the electric eels since electric eels have very powerful shocks that can paralyze or hurt anything that gets its way. Humans have been known to eat electric eels on very rare occasions.

What eat electric eels?

Dead electric eels are eaten by piranhas, anacondas, river dolphins, otters, crocodiles, and caimans.

How do electric eels eat?

Electric eels feed on invertebrates, where adult eels eat fish and small mammals. First-born hatchlings will even eat other eggs and embryos from later batches. The juveniles will eat invertebrates such as shrimp or crab.

What kinds of animals do ells eat?

small, electric eels feed on invertebrates, where adult eels eat fish and small mammals.

How does an electric eel eat birds?

Electric eels attack the birds that swim in water.

What do electric rays and electric eels use electricity for?

Electrocuting and killing the fish that they eat.

What is the difference between electric eels and moray eels?

electric eels have an electric current that shocks thing Moray eels dont

What is an electric eels diet?

invertebrates such as crabs and freshwater shrimp when they are young. However, adult electric eels eat amphibians, fishes, and crustaceans. As adults, they can also eat small mammals and birds.

How do electric eels survive?

electric eels live in mostly in the amazon river. electric eels are cool(like me)

What to electric eels eat?

fish, squid, shrimp ,chopped fish

Are electric eels in Canada?

no. electric eels live in the amazon

What eats the electric eel?

Humans do eat electric eels when they are dead. The electric eel's meat tastes like fish.

What animal eats electric eels?

Only Humans eat the electric eel. No other animals prey on the electric eel because of its electrical voltage. Caimans, american crocodiles, and piranhas will only eat the dead electrical eels that they find in water.