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What does electrical mean?

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The term electrical describes anything driven - made to work, that is - by electricity, whether it be mains power, batteries, or other means. Also, anything providing electricity or relating to electricity, such as an electrical engineer.

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What do you mean by electrical engineer practitioner?

One who practises the profession of electrical engineering. An electrical engineer.

What do the word ecstatic mean?


What is mean in Marathi of electrical?


What is mean by electrical in rmg?


What is mean electrical power triangle?

the electrical power triangle is as shown in the above pictiure

What does it mean to have an electrical short?

An electrical short is when two conductors of different potentials come in contact.

What does electrical receiver mean?

An electrical receiver is the part in a complete circuit that receives the electrical energy, if in a build circuit the receiver will be the light bulb

What does thermal and electrical conductivity mean?

Thermal and electrical conductivity are physical properties; they represent the ability of materials to conduct heat or electrical current.

What does L mean in electrical wiring?


What does it mean for an object to have electrical charge?

If an object has an electrical charged, it usually means that and electrical current also known as a flow of electrons is passing through it.

What does the term electrical current mean?

It's a flow of electrical charge down a conductive item such as a wire.

Why tv produced electrical energy?

It doesn't. If you mean the TV set at your home, it USES electrical energy.

What does conduction require?

If you mean electrical conduction, that requires electrical charges that are fairly free to move around.

What do you mean by blackouts in electrical load shedding?


What does TA in electrical language mean?


In an electrical circuit what does the symbol M mean?


What does nema mean?

National Electrical Manufactures Association

What is mean by electrical machine?

A machine that operates on electricity.

What does electrónico mean in Spanish?

electric, electrical, electronic

What does mA mean in electrical terms?


What does nonpolarized mean?

The electrical charge is evenly distributed.

What's mA mean?

Miliampere. Has to do with electrical current.

What does electrical conductivity mean?

Electrical conductivity is the reciprocal of resistivity, and is measured in siemens per metre (S/m).

What do you mean by electrical divice electrical appliances?

electical divices are ; plugins , lightswitches,ect appliances is anything that is operated by a divice.

Can you box in an electrical panel in an open room?

That depends on what you mean by "box in". You must always provide access to an electrical panel.

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