What does elementary mean?

Updated: 9/18/2023
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Simple, basic, rudimentary, fundamental.

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Q: What does elementary mean?
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How do you spell elementure?

If you mean the school level as in " elementary school" it is spelled: elementary.

What does PST mean when an elementary school uses it?

PST in elementary school can mean Problem Solving Team or Pupil Support Team.

What does elementaire mean in french?

It means- elementary

What is the other term of elementary education?

Primary education is the other term for elementary education.

What does reat mean?

Regional Elementary Achievement Test

Did Jenni Rivera to elementery school?

There is something wrong with your spelling don't you mean if she went to a Elementary School or which Elementary she went to?

What does participatory leadership look like in elementary schools?

What do you mean??

Were people mean to Ronald Reagan in elementary school?

No, not really.

What l'ecole primaire mean?

It means elementary school in French.

What does it mean when scientists say that quarks are elementary particles?

When scientists say that quarks are elementary particles it means that they are NOT made up of other particles.

What does the word rudimentary mean?

"Of or relating to basic facts or principles; elementary. "

Are there any plays for elementary aged kids?

if u mean plays like drama YEAH im in elementary and im doing my 8th play!!!