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The German equivalent of Elizabeth is Elisabeth. It is derived from the Hebrew/Aramaic name Elisheba, and means "my God is bountiful", "luck, happiness, abundance of blessings"

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Q: What does elizabeth mean in German?
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What does the name Elizabeth mean in German?

In German like many languages (Spanish, French) proper noun names do not have meanings. Elizabeth means Elizabeth, yet it will be said with a different pronunciation.

What does Saint Elizabeth of Hungary's name mean?

it means elagance and it is german for elisabeth

How do you spell 'Elizabeth' in German?

Nouns are splelled same in German so Elizabeth remains Elizabeth..

What does the name Elizabeth schuessler mean?

Elizabeth is a Biblical name menaing 'My god is an oath'. Schuessler is a German surname meaning 'someone who makes dishes and bowls'.

What does the name Liesl mean?

"Liesl" is the German form of the name "Elizabeth", which in the original Hebrew means "God's Promise"

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What has the author Elizabeth von Arhnim written?

Elizabeth von Arhnim has written: 'Elizabeth and her German garden'

Is Queen Elizabeth English or German?

She is English, but many of her immediate ancestors were German

How do you write Clare Elizabeth Dwyer in German?

With the exception of a few historical personalities, names are not translated, so Clare Elizabeth Dwyer is the same in German.

What was Queen Elizabeth's name before she was queen?

Queen Elizabeth's surname was Windsor. Her family's surname was Saxe-Coburg-Gotha until 1917 when they changed it to Windsor to sound non-German (the British people were anti-German then as it was WWI). Members of the British Royal Family do not have surnames. They are the descendants of the house of Windsor but this is not the same as holding a surname. However, as you posted this Question in the "Elizabeth I" category I assume you mean the first Queen Elizabeth. Elizabeth I was a member of the House of Tudor but, as with Elizabeth II this does not constitute a surname

Is Elizabeth Gillies German?

No she was born in New Jersy!

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