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What does empathetic mean?

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Empathetic means having empathy, meaning having a capacity to feel and share what others feel.

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What does empathatic mean?

Empathetic means to share your feelings with another person and another person with you. Being empathetic is to share any emotions you have with someone you trust.

What does empathatick mean?

Empathetic means to feel for somebody, to completely sympathise.

Empathetic in a sentence?

Me and my sister felt empathetic when she was getting married.

Which is the proper way to use the term empathetic. Professor Brown was empathetic to the concerns of her science class. The governor was not empathetic with the tenants and their predicament.?

Both sentences use the word empathetic properly.

How do you use empathetic in a sentence?

Having been through a divorce myself, I was empathetic to her situation.

Make Sentence of empathetic?

A person who is empathetic can understand and relate to another person's feelings. She was empathetic when her neighbor's dog had died, and was able to provide some relief to the woman.

What is a sentence using the word empathetic?

She's a wonderful social worker who is a great listener and very empathetic.

What is the noun for empathetic?


How can a child use empathetic in a sentence?

Tommy placed his hand on my shoulder,looking into his eyes I realized he was empathetic of my plight.

What is the opposite of mean?

The opposite of mean (nasty, disagreeable) would be friendly, agreeable, or nice. The opposite of mean is to be harmonious, pleasant and empathetic. The opposite of the noun mean (an average) would be an extreme value.

Can you give a sentence with empathetic?

I was empathetic for the girl who lost her leg. This means felling someone else's pain and feeling sorry for them.

What words that mean putting yourself in someone else's shoes?

empathetic. (from empathy): the ability to understand and share the feelings of another.

Is there a sentence for the word empathetic?

Yes there is.

What is the adjective form of empathy?


Which is correct empathic or empathetic?

I have heard from a very smart friend that the correct term is "empathic." "Empathetic," according to him is the "bastardized" version of "empathic."

What describe empathetic in a person?

An empathetic person is a person who can understand what someone else is going through. They also can recognize and share emotions.

What is empathetic response?

it means to do something with emotion

What is an adjective for reading emotions easily?


The root word for empathetic is?

The root word for empathetic is empathy, meaning to understand how someone else feels; it's like walking a mile in their shoes.

What does empathy mean to kids?

The word probably means very little but some children are very people focused and recognise when they are down. This is described as intra-personal intelligence. Children generally are not massively empathetic as they are the most important thing. Equally some adults never develop the ability to be empathetic.

Attributes of good leader?

Educated, Charismatic, Empathetic.

Why would you consider yourself empathetic person?


What is the opposite of a narcissist?

a normal, empathetic, caring person?

What are some character traits that start with e?


What is the adjective for the verb empathize?

The adjective form is empathetic.