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Cheveux (=hair) en brosse is crewcut

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Q: What does en brosse mean in french?
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What does la brosse mean in French?

La brosse (fem.) is 'the brush' in English.

What does J'ai les cheveux en brosse mean in English?

'My hair brush'

What is the french word for brush?

The French word for "brush" is "brosse."

What does the surname de la Brosse mean in English?

Brosse is French for "brush." The 'de la' part means, 'of/from the'. Together it means, "of/from the brush."

What is the french word for toothbrushes?

Brosse à dents

What is Brush your hair in french?

une brosse a dents

What is a brush in French?

A brush is 'une brosse' (fem.) in French.

What is toothbrush in french?

brosse à dents

How do you say is brushing her hair in french?

"[elle] brosse ses cheveux / [elle] se brosse les cheveux"

How do you say he brushes his teeth in french?

il brosse ses dents, il se brosse les dents

How do you say hairbrush in french?

brosse à cheveux

Is the french word brosse masculine or feminine?