What does enviromental health hazards mean?


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An Environmental Health Hazard is a health risk that takes place in a certain environment. Some common Environmental Health Risks include:

AltitudeAt high altitude, atmospheric pressure is reduced, the reduce in oxygen pressure can lead to hypoxia, or reduced oxygen supply to the tissues. Rapid Ascent can cause Acute Hypoxia even after hours of mountain climbing! Acute hypoxia can cause the affected person to lose consciousness. Someone with a cardiovascular condition should consult a physician before they travel to a location in which they will be experiencing high altitudes. Heat and humiditySudden changes in temperature and humidity may have adverse effects on health.

Exposure to high temperature and humidity results in loss of water and

electrolytes (salts) and may lead to heat exhaustion and heat stroke. In hot dry

conditions, dehydration is particularly likely to develop unless care is taken to

maintain adequate fluid intake. The addition of a little table salt to food or drink

(unless this is contraindicated for the individual) can help to prevent heat

exhaustion, particularly during the period of adaptation.

Consumption of salt-containing food and drink helps to replenish the electrolytes

in case of heat exhaustion and after excessive sweating. Older travellers should

take particular care to consume extra fluids in hot conditions, as the thirst reflex

diminishes with age. Care should be taken to ensure that infants and young

children drink enough liquid to avoid dehydration.

Irritation of the skin may be experienced in hot conditions (prickly heat). Fungal

skin infections such as tinea pedis (athlete's foot) are often aggravated by heat

and humidity. A daily shower, wearing loose cotton clothing and applying talcum

powder to sensitive skin areas help to reduce the development or spread of these


Exposure to hot, dry, dusty air may lead to irritation and infection of the eyes

and respiratory tract.


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