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Environment means a certain surrounding, place, or a location in Social Studies.

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Q: What does environment mean in social studies?
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What is sociol studies?

social studies is the study of man and his environment

What are the bece social studies questions 2012?

environment and health politics and stability and social environment

What does human environment interaction mean in ss?

Human environment interaction is used in Social Studies education to refer to sanitation. Garbage men are hired to perform this work.

What is HEI in social studies?

Human Environment Interaction

Explain why social studies is the study of man in his social environment?

Social studies focuses on studying human behavior, societies, and cultures within their social contexts to understand how individuals interact with each other and their environment. By examining these relationships, social studies helps us gain insights into the complexities of human society and how people shape and are shaped by their social environments.

Countries that offer social studies?

Almost every country in the world offers Social Studies since it's learning about their environment.

Is ecosystem include in social studies or science?

they are related because social studies is our world environment and history, science is our invironment as well they have a lot in common when it comes to that.

What does HEI stand for in social studies?

It means Human Environment Interaction

What is the social studies definition of the environment?

environment are the things that surrounding us include living and theirnatural surrounding

What does feature mean in social studies?


What does neutral mean its from social studies?


What does isthmus mean in social studies?

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