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Number 2 cylinder is misfiring.

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Q: What does error code P0302 for the check engine light mean in Lexus es300?
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What is engine error code p0302?

the answer is cylinder two misfire

What does an error code P0302 and the check engine light for your 2003 Dodge pickup mean when it accompanies light colored smoke from the tailpipe?

P0302 is cylinder #2 misfire. see related questions below

What does error code p0302 Ford Focus?

P0302 is cylinder number two misfire detected.

What does error code p0302 Ford F-150?

Cylinder #2 missfire. So Compression check, Spark Check, Check for fuel delivery

What does error code p0302 mean on a 2005 dodge grand caravan with a 3.8 engine?

Cylinder number two misfire.

What does error code p0302 ford mondeo?

Cylinder # 2 Missfire

What Is error code p0302 ford ka?

P0302 is a cylinder number two misfire. Causes include spark plugs, injector, internal engine failure, etc.

2002 Jeep Liberty OBD error code P0302 cylinder?

Trouble code P0302 means:Cylinder 2 misfire detected

What does the error code P0302 mean on a 2003 Dodge Ram?

P0302 (M) Cylinder #2 Misfire Misfire detected in cylinder #2

Why does my Check engine light stay on in my 2001 Chevy Impala?

Check engine is an error. You have to go at a garage to see what is the error code, then correct the problem.

What does error code P0302 on a dodge ram 1500 mean?

Cylinder number two misfire.

What is a P0302 error code for a 2004 Dodge Caravan?

Cylinder #2 misfire. see link below

How do I check the Check Engine Light Error codes on a 1997 Chrysler cirrus?

With a scan tool.

Why the check engine light up?

You need to check your engine. The computer has detected a problem with the engine management system and the light is letting you know that is has error codes stored.

Why wont your Mitsubishi eclipse start after the check engine light came on?

The computer doesn't allow to start the engine. Check the error code.

How do you diagnose a check light that does not self check?

Pretty simple connect an obd2 scanner and it will pull the error codes for the check engine light then look up the error code and diagnose and fix your problem

Found a hose loose would that make your check engine light come on?

Some of hoses will make for sure the check engine light come on. It depends on the house. If you are sure that it was the hose reset the computer and check your assumption. If you have access to an error code reader check the error code, it might simplify your life.

How do you fix error code PO 453 on a GMC Jimmy?

check your engine

What does error code PO172 for the check engine light mean?

The check engine light error code PO172 means that the system is too rich. The reason why the system is to rich is due to the mass air flow sensor being dirty or faulty.

What does a blinking check engine light mean on a 99 Toyota Camry?

It means that you have problems with your engine. It can be the oxygen detector or another malfunction. To make the story short you have to visit your mechanic. Or if you have an error code reader youcan check error codes and figure out what to do next.

What could cause your check engine light to come on?

ANY error code in the computer.

What does the error code P0302 mean?

Cylinder #2 misfire.Cylinder #2 misfire.

What makes the trac light come on in a 1994 Lexus gs300 when drving?

Depends. Light cycles on when traction control is activated due to road conditions causing rear wheels to slip. However, If check engine light is also on... there is a malfunction that can be located by checking ecu error codes.

What is the diagnostic code P0601 on 2003 Dodge Grand Caravan Sport mean?

P0601 Internal Control Module Memory Check Sum ErrorThe engine computer has failed.P0601 Internal Control Module Memory Check Sum ErrorThe engine computer has failed.

How do you reset check engine light on 525i BMW?

The check engine light on a BMW 525i is reset by pressing the trip reset button until the engine icon appears. The Check and DC buttons are used to navigate between menus and the trip button held to actual reset the selected error.