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This is my mom.

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It means: My mother's sister is my

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Q: What does esta es mi mama mean in spanish?
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What does es esta su foto mean in spanish?

Is this your photo?

What does esta es mi socio mean?

It translates from Spanish as 'this is my partner' !

How do you say mum in Spanish?

Mi mama es...(if you're talking of a characteristic. something permanent) Mi mama esta....(if you saying where she is, or describing a temporary state) Mi mama es feliz = My mum's a happy person Mi mama esta feliz = My mum's happy (at the moment)

What does Es Tabien mean in English?

"Esta bien" is Spanish for "it's okay."

What does este es mean?

The Spanish words esta es translate into English as the words this is. These words translate into French as c'est.

How do you say 'who is this' in Spanish?

¿Quién es esto? for a male ¿Quién es esta? for a femaleQuein es esta persona

What is tonight is Spanish?

"Tonight" is "esta noche". "Tonight is Spanish" would be "esta noche es español".

How do you say this is in Spanish?

this (feminine)- esta es this (masculine)- este es

How do you translate it is in Spanish?

Está / es esté / sea Esta or es (WRONG)

How do you say This is Susana in Spanish?

Esta es Susana.

Can you say Esta es invierno to say it is winter in spanish?

No, because you have two verbs right next to each other. (esta and es) Instead, say "Esta invierno."

How do you say this is my sister in spanish?

esta es mi hermana