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all tables are taken

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Q: What does estan ocupados todas las mesas mean?
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What does estan mean?

Estan= to be

What does ellos estan en mean in English?

they are in

What does estan orgullosos mean in spanish?

They are proud.

What dose estan mean in English?

"Estan" from Spanish means "They are". It is the third-person, plural, conjugated form of "estar" ("to be").

What does los pupitres estan mean?

Translation: The desks are

What does the word estan mean in English?

"Están" means "they are".

What does yo lloro para todas mean?

I cry for (them) all. Todas refers to a group of females.

What does k aces como estan mean in spanish mean?

That sentence seems to be in "Text speak". It should read "¿Que haces? ¿Cómo estan?" This means "What are you doing? How are you (all)?

What does como estan abuelos mean in English?

It means How are your grandparents?

What does estan a la derecha mean in spanish?

They're on the right.

What does Jorge y yo son ocupados mean in English?

As written, the sentence means: 'Jorge and I busy?' to which the answer(s) would presumably be 'Yes' (Si) or 'No' (no). But I suspect the questioner simply wants to know the meaning of: 'Jorge y yo ocupados' i.e. 'Jorge and I (are) busy'.

Donde estan las mujeres Bella's mean?

"Where are the pretty women?"