What does este el amor de Luna mean?

Updated: 9/20/2023
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"This love of the moon" is what it means

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Q: What does este el amor de Luna mean?
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When was Custodia de este amor created?

Custodia de este amor was created in 2012.

What does Este chico es el amor de mi vida mean?

This guy/boy is the love of my life.

Que tu dia este lleno de amor?

May your day be full of love ...

What does de este modo mean?

"De este modo" means in this manner or in this way, literally. Also means "like this".

What does amor de vida mean?

amor = love de=of mi =my vida= life

What has the author Guillermo Landa written?

Guillermo Landa has written: 'Dictados de amor a Praga' 'Este mar que yo soy'

What does Mi compañero de amor espíritu de amor mean?

My companion of love, spirit of love

What does tanto tiempo disfrutamos de este amor mean?

Word for word, it literally means, "So much time we like of this love." But it is a fair translation to interpret it as, "We've enjoyed this love for so long."

What is the name of a spanish song that says por que este era el amor de mi vida?

The closest I found is "El amor de mi vida has sido tú mí mundo era ciego hasta encontrar tu luz" etc. Look for El Amor De Mi Vida in youtube.

What dos amor de vida mean?

"amor de mi vida" means love (amor) of my (de mi) life (vida) so it translates to Love of my life.

Where can you watch the novela of Mision SOS Aventuras y Amor?

Go to youtube and type in "Hector45123" this channel has Mision SOS Aventura y Amor Episodes :D ~ Ve a youtube y escribe "Hector45123" este canal tiene capitulos de Mision SOS :D

What does amor de Santos mean in English?

amor de santos is when a boy named santos likes a girl named ana :)