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Q: What does ethnic groups mean?
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What is ethnicity diversity mean?

It means that there are different ethnic groups in a country. Or diverese ethnic groups.

What ethnic groups live in the Sahara desert?

well the ethnic groups are the ethnic groups

What types of ethnic groups are in Belgium?

The ethnic groups are ...............

What are the Egypt's major ethnic groups?

Egypt ethnic groups;The main ethnic groups in Egypt are the Egyptians and Arabs.

What are the ethnic groups for Iran?

There are I believe 5 ethnic Groups

Do people kill others in ethnic groups?

People do kill members of other ethnic groups, and members of ethnic groups also kill members of their own ethnic groups.

What are the ethnic groups in the Caribbean excluded Belize?

what are 5 ethnic groups in the caribbean other than belize's ethnic groups

How many ethnic groups are there in Kenya?

69 different ethnic groups

What are the ethnic groups of Scotland?

The ethnic groups of Scotland are Pict and Scoti.

What are the 7 ethnic groups?

Ethnic groups of what/where - specify so we can give you an answer.

What is the name of all ethnic groups?

Um... I'm not sure what you're asking here. Different ethnic groups have different names. Unless you mean "human".

Ethnic groups that study the religion Christianity?

Mostly European countries and countries with a history of colonization by Europeans. Christianity has spread all over the world, and includes people of most ethnic groups. That does not mean that most ethnic groups study Christianity.

What are the ethnic groups in the Visayas region in Central Philippines?

VISAYAN ETHNIC GROUPS The major ethnic groups in the Visayas are: * Ilonggo * Cebuano * Waray

What are the major ethnic groups of China?

The major Ethnic groups in China are:ZhuangUigurHuiYiTibetanMiaoManchuMongolBuyiKorean

How many ethnic groups in Indonesia?

There are over 300 Ethnic groups in Indonesia ;)

What are the major ethnic groups of belgique?

there are 26 Ethnic groups of Belgium or Belgium

What are the major ethnic groups in europe?

The largest ethnic groups in Europe include:RussiansGermansFrenchBritishItaliansSpanishUkrainiansPolishRomaniansDutch

What ethnic groups are mainly Muslim?

hitta man in the hand for the ethnic groups

Can there be different ethnic groups in a country?

Yes, of course, Many Countries have differant ethnic groups. For example, America has many differant ethnic groups...

What are the ethnic groups in Karamoja?

Ethnic groups in Karamoja include Matheniko, Bokora and Pian.

How many ethnic groups live in Europe?

Over 160 separate ethnic groups.

From which ethnic groups do most Canadians originate?

from which ethnic groups do most canadians orignate

Which ethnic groups have alternate signs?

yes they do.judslim and ethnic groups have alternate signs

What two Ethnic groups in Rwanda?

The 2 main ethnic groups are Hutus and Tutsis.

How are the ethnic groups different from each other?

Ethnic groups can be different in many ways. Many ethnic groups can be different in their physical appearance, such as skin color.