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What does everyone will happern in friends the movie?


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September 14, 2011 12:37AM

I think that the whole film will b about 5 years on from the end of tv series.

Ben wil b like 13 n wil have moved in with ross and rach cuz livin with carol n susan was 2 embarassin. He wil be a stroppy teenager n cant b bothered to do n e fin with the family, n he wud HATE Emma!!

Emma wud b drop dead gorgeous. she wud b like 6 n wud b the spitting image of rachel. She wud hav all Ralph Lauren clothes from rache's job. She wud always wear make up n jst b treat like a princess, but wud b a bratt though.

The twins wud b rlly fat. they wud b about 4 . They r best friends. Erika is desperate to b Emma's friend but Emma won't allow it. Neither of them can get friends very easily and are struggling at school.

Ros n rachel r goinn through a rly tough devorce. They hav a new born baby girll by accident again. The familyof 5 face tough decisions but in the end get married for the 3rdtime!!

Monica and chandler are happily married and are still trying for a baby as the twins are desperate for a younger sibling. Monica falls pregnant half way through and has twins again at the end.

Phoebe and Mike are also happily married. they have only 1 boy who is 2 but that is all they want. However Mike gets a job offer far away from home, the family face a tough decision on whether to stay or go...

Joey is still single but finds out, he has a 3 year old son who he never knew about as he never called the mum back. The mum is desperate for the boy to stay in touch with his farther and is still madly in love with Joey. In the end the couple get marrie and hav a joint wedding with ross and rache.

^^ well that's what I think...