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An error message begins with the pound sign (#).

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Q: What does excel displays error message that begins with?
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What kind of error message Excel displays when formulas located in other cells reference cells in a deleted row or column?

The #REF! error.

To what does a REF error message refer?

A REF error message is a message that is used in the Windows Excel program, part of the Office package, in that there is an error input or output in an excel cell data pack.

What Excel displays in cells to indicate a divide by zero error?

#DIV/0! Microsoft Excel displays the #DIV/0! error when a number is divided either by zero (0) or by a cell that contains no value.

What tab in excel on the ribbon displays error checking tools?

It is in Formula Auditing on the Formulas tab.

Indicates a cell is using a name Excel does not recognize?

The error code for a name Excel does not recognize is #NAME?.For example, if you enter =totals in a cell, and totals has not been configured as a name, you will see the #NAME?error message.To get rid of the error message, just change the cell contents to something Excel can recognize.

When does Excel display Div0?

It displays #DIV/0! when you try to divide a number by zero. That is because it is mathematically impossible to divide something by zero, so Excel gives you that error code to indicate that it is what you tried to do.

What can you do if receiving a Compile error in hidden module error message?

A compile error in hidden module error message refers to the start up file of Microsoft Word and Excel. The error could be due to malicious malware unintentionally downloaded by the user. The fix depends on which operating system the person is using. Find and rename the files ComctlLib.exd and MSComctlLib.exd, adding .old to the end of the filename. The error message should then be gone.

What are Error And Input Messages Excel?

When using the Validation facility you can set an Input message to tell the user what they should enter like "Enter a value between 1 and 100". You can set an Error message to show if they do not enter a value that is valid.

As you type Excel displays the entry in the and also displays the active cell reference in the name box on the left?

As you type, Excel displays the entry in the FORMULA BAR, and also displays the active cell reference int he Name box on the left.

Excel displays numbers as percentages?

Yes. Excel can display numbers as percentages. Do you have a question?

When excel is saving your file it briefly displays a message on the status bars indicating?

The file name and the percentage being saved until it gets to 100%

Excel displays data in a special document called?

Microsoft Excel displays data in Worksheets, also called spreadsheets, or as a group of worksheets known as a Workbook.