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"I do," "I make," or "I accomplish" Contextually it often has different meanings.

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Q: What does facio mean in Latin?
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What is the Latin word for to make?

facio, facere

What is the Latin translation for the word fashion?


What does the latin word 'to do' mean in English?

I think you may be confused. First of all, your question should have been:What does the English word, 'to do', mean in Latin?Anyways, it's facio, facere.Facio is singular, while facere is plural.Answer 2: I agree with the answer, but just as a quick thing: facio is the first-person singular ("I do"), but facere is the present active infinitive ("to do"), and doesn't have number.

What is the plural form of the latin word facio?


What is the response to thank you in Latin?

libenter hoc facio - I do this with pleasure

What does 'Ecce nova facio omnia' mean?

This is a latin phrase from Apocalypse 21:5,Ecce nova facio omnia, meaning "Behold: I make l things new" referring to the revelation of the New Jerusalem to St John

What Latin word means travel?

As a verb, "I travel" is iter facio or peregrinor. Iter facio literally means " I make a journey".As a noun, the word for travel or journey is iter or peregrinatio.

Which Latin root means sacrifice?

Sacrifice comes from two latin words Sacrum and Facio. it literally means "to make sacred".

Derived Latin word of factory?

The Latin verb facio, facere means "to make". Consequently, a factory is a place where things are made.

What is the latin root of factor?

Factor, meaning doer or maker, from facio facere feci factum.

What does Omnia facio quo melior fiam mean?

to do, to make

When did Bartolomeo Facio die?

Bartolomeo Facio died in 1457.

What has the author Miguel Facio Lince written?

Miguel Facio Lince has written: 'Los cuentos de Miguel Facio'

What is the Latin verb for To do?

ago, agere is 'to do' or 'to act' facio, facere is 'to do' or 'to make' Which one you choose depends on the rest of the sentence.

What is the Latin root of manufacture?

Manus manus, meaning hand, and facio facere feci factum, meaning make.

What is the Latin translation for Sacrifice of a hero?

Near as I can tell... the word "sacrifice", by itself, in latin is "sacrificio". As a verb, the words "to sacrifice"is "facio". You should verify this though.

What word comes from a Latin root meaning 'to make'?

factory -- the original word is 'facio, facere, faci, factum'

What is the meaning of the English suffix fy?

"Make." It comes from the Latin word for "make," facio(fació, facere, fécí, factum).

What is the Latin root of factory?

Factory is a derivative of the fourth principal part of the verb facio, facere, feci, factum= to make or to do

When was Lorena Clare Facio born?

Lorena Clare Facio was born in 1943.

What has the author Luis Facio written?

Luis Facio has written: 'Cosas de novios'

What is the birth name of Giannina Facio?

Giannina Facio's birth name is Giannina Facio Franco.

What does the latin word fecit mean?

Feci is the third principle part of the verb facio, or to do/make. Because it has a t at the end, that means it is in the perfect tense, 3rd person. So fecit means he/she/it made/has made or did/has done.

How do you pronounce facio?

I Latin? Well, that depends on whether or not you are speaking Classical Latin (the Latin spoken by Caesar), or Ecclesiastical Latin (the Latin spoken by the Catholic church.) In Classical Latin, it is pronounced: "FAW-KEY-OH" I have not studied Ecclesiastical Latin much, but it is pronounced the same way one would pronounce it it Italian. :) Hope that helps!

What is the latin word for make?

"To make" is facere.I make - facioyou (singular) make - faciswe make - facimusyou (plural) make - facitisthey make - faciunt