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It means that your message was not able to send. I recommend resending it.


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Multimedia Message - has pictures, videos, or music in the message

a text message on a cell phone means someone texting another person

buddy didnt pay the cell phone bill so they cut it off.

SMS is an acronym for short message service. Which basically means a text message. Therefore they are sending you a short message to you by cell phone.

The cell in cell phone stands for cellular.

"Mobile Customer you have called does not answer, please try your call again later."

If you select this option, you probably will be prompted to provide a callback number. This callback number will then be sent to the person's phone as a special type of SMS message that the cell phone is supposed to interpret as a "callback message". When the phone receives this message, they can usually just hit "Send" on their phone to call that number.

When making a phone call, you may get a message cancelled message. This means something happened in the transmission of the message and it did not go through.

It's the main wallpaper on the cell phone. ;)

"Queued" means that your message has not been sent yet, but will be sent when possible. In other words, it is waiting to be sent.

my phone is broadcast messages how do i get rid of it on my phone

Dear only nokia phone have largest message memories if you select the message memory to external memory not on phone i mean you should change the message memory from cell phone to memory card in sms settings and then you can save unlimited messages untill your mobile speed goes down i have nokia 2700 classic its good i have saved more than 2000 messages in card and cell phone and now i am looking for new cell phone with high speed and largest message memory android is useless because touch system dont attracts me i like to use android if in type phones by bye

Sprint is a cell phone network in the United States that enables it subscribers to communicate in multiple ways including calls and text. A Sprint text message is a text message sent via the Sprint network.

it means the person has received it but not necessarily opened it. also it will only show that for other Verizon customers.

ON Verizon cell phones, the green checkmark means the message has been delivered to the recipient's mobile device. When sending a txt (or pic or flic) messge to a non VZW customer, there will be a green arrow indicating that the message was sent, not neccaserily that they received it.

it means ur cell phone breaks out of jail :P

The cell phone isn't transmitting or receiving data at the moment.

You need cell phone service, if that's what you mean.

i think it means it means that a message will be sent to there phone or they are on line from there phone

It is unknown if Justin Bieber texts frequently or not. There are several pictures of him using his cell phone to text, but that doesn't mean that he does it frequently.

it means that the memory of the cell phone is that of four mega bites

It means it's not free. It means that the standard rates for your cell phone carrier apply. In other words, whatever you normally pay for a text message will be charged.

"Bring Your Own Phone" is a phrase that certain cell phone carriers are using to describe the process in which cell phone users can keep their current cell phone, but switch to a new carrier.

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