What does feedback means?

Updated: 11/6/2022
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Feedback means giving our own opinion about the discussion or the result of some important work or some once work is measured by the feedback which he has received.

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Q: What does feedback means?
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When soliciting authentic feedback as a means of increasing self knowledge you should?

Be sure that the feedback session is part of a formal process.

What does 'no immediate feedback' mean?

No immediate feedback means different things. If you are taking a test, it means they are waiting to reveal the scores. The same thing applies in a survey or on the computer. No response is coming right away.

What is a five letter word using only the letters abcdefg?

DABFEG it means Dukie at Baby's Farm eating grapes

When soliciting authentic feedback as a means of increasing self-knowledge you should?

When soliciting authentic feedback to enhance self-knowledge, create a safe and non-judgmental environment for open communication. Be specific about what areas you are seeking feedback on and ask for examples to better understand the feedback. Reflect on the feedback received and consider how it aligns with your self-perception and goals.

What is the word for feedback on feedback?

feedback feedback

Negative feedback means that when a hormone reaches a certain level the glands secretion is?


How does positive feedback maintain cellular homeostasis?

Perhaps you don't understand the meaning of positive and negative feedback. Positive feedback keeps adding to a process. Negative feedback doesn't. If a person fills a bathtub, positive feedback will continue the filling even if it runs over. Negative feedback will turn the water off when the tub is filled. So, negative feedback maintains homeostasis. Homeostasis means "steady state". When a processes is completed, it turns it off. Example: Blood sugar levels remain in a certain range.

What is incidental report?

incident means things that happen in an undesirable way.Report means the feedback we give to a particular person/organisation etc. about something.Hence,incidental reporting carries the meaning 'explanation/feedback to a person/organisation, etc. about a things that happen in an undesirable way'

Types of Negative feedback amplifier?

voltage amplifier feedback current amplifier feedback transconductance feedback transresistance feedback

What is the definition of Negative feedback in terms of communication?

Negative feedback when used on sites such as eBay means that you give the seller or the buyer less than a perfect score of 100%. This is usually done with a series of stars. Five stars means good, less stars mean bad or negative feedback. If you leave negative feedback you might say something like Poor communication, seller took 4 weeks after payment cleared to send my package! This means that you are not pleased with this transaction.If you give positive feedback you make a good comment such as Great service! This lets other buyers or sellers know that you had a positive experience buying or selling from this person, and you are pleased with the service.

What is the Enlisted Evaluation System?

the means used to record feedback within the Officer and Enlisted Evaluation System

What are the types of feedback in communication?

The types of feedback in the communication process are: Delayed feedback and immediate feedback It must be kept in the mind that feedback is the response to output