What does felony bound over mean?

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What does felony BOUND OVER TO CPC mean

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Q: What does felony bound over mean?
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What does felony bound over cpc mean?

What does felony BOUND OVER TO CPC mean

What does be bound over to a lower court mean?

Actually it can have two meanings. 'bound over' is a term usually referring to the court's power to hold, on bail, a person accused of a crime. HOWEVER - Definitions and procedures vary by jurisdiction. For example, another definition defines 'bound over' as meaning "the transfer of a felony case from one division of the court to another after finding probable cause that the defendant committed a felony or, after the waiver of a preliminary hearing by the accused defendant.

What does case status closed BO mean in court?

Bound Over.

What does case status closed-BO mean in court?

Bound Over.

What happens if your 16 and commit a felony?

Depending on the seriousness of the crime your prosecution could be removed from the jurisdiction of juvenile court and you could be bound over for prosecution as an adult.

What does OCR 7 unsentenced felony mean?

Over Crowding..... Not sure what the 7 is..... I believe it is a degree of seriousness.

How many miles per hour do you have to go in order for it to be a felony?

Generally over 25 over will be a felony.

What does the letters behind a Felony mean?

The letters that follow a felony are the degrees of the felony crime. A felony 6 is the lowest felony with a 1 being the highest.

What does it mean when the case status reads closed bo?

BO = bound over - usually to a grand jury

Can you vote if you were charged with a felony under 18?

Unless you were bound over for trial as an adult, you should probably retain your right to vote. To be certain, contact your County or State Voter Registrar's Office and ask.

Is bouncing a check over state lines a felony?

Intentionally providing a bad check is a felony - over state lines or not

What does non capital felony mean?

A felony that does not have the possibility of the death sentence as a consequence.

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