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What does feuer frei mean?

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It means fire freely, or fire at will.

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What are the lyrics in German to Rammstein's song Feuer Frei?

Getadelt wird wer Schmerzen kennt vom Feuer das die Haut verbrennt Ich werfe ein Licht in mein Gesicht Mein heisser Schrei Feuer frei! Bang bang Bang bang Geadelt ist wer Schmerzen kennt vom Feuer das in Lust verbrennt ein Funkenstoß in ihren Schoß ein heißer Schrei Feuer frei! Bang bang Bang bang Bang bang Bang bang Feuer frei! Bang bang Bang bang Bang bang Bang bang Feuer frei! Gefährlich ist wer Schmerzen kennt vom Feuer das den Geist verbrennt bang bang gefährlich das gebrannte Kind mit Feuer das vom Leben trennt ein heisser Schrei bang bang Feuer frei! Dein Glück ist nicht mein Glück ist mein Unglück Dein Glück ist nicht mein Glück ist mein Unglück Bang bang Bang bang Feuer frei! Bang bang Bang bang Feuer frei! Bang bang Bang bang Feuer frei! BANG BANG

When did the band Rammstein record the song called Feuer Frei?

Feuer Frei was released in October, 2002 on the album Mutter. This song would go onto reach positions in the 30's on both the United Kingdom and German music charts.

What was the first song played in the movie triple x?

The name of the Song is FEUER FREI by Rammstein

Is there an English version of Rammsteins feuer frei?

No, there is not. There are only full blown, official versions in English of the songs Engel and Du Hast.

What songs does Rammstein play?

Reise reise, Links, Sonne, Haifisch, Feuer frei, Mein herz brennt, Ich will and so on..

What does frei mean?

frei is the German word for free

What music played in the party in xxx state of the union?

If you are talking about the band blowing fire in the club, that would be Rammstein singing Feuer Frei.

What does Schรถn und frei mean in english?

Schön und frei translates as beautiful and free.

What actors and actresses appeared in Feuer frei auf Frankie - 1967?

The cast of Feuer frei auf Frankie - 1967 includes: Eddi Arent as Kaiser Rik Battaglia as Drummer Erika Blanc as Maud Taylor Luis de Tejada as Caldar Charles Fawcett as Prof. Peers Karin Field as Karin Joachim Fuchsberger as Frankie Bargher Rosalba Neri as Elena Mariano Vidal Molina as Tom Fenner

What is the name of the song that goes bang bang?

You may be thinking of Feuer Frei, by Rammstein. If so, the other lyrics will be in German. Maxwell's Silver Hammer--Beatles

What does weiss macht frei mean?

weiss (weiß) macht frei doesn't make much sense and translates as White brings freedom

What does haben sie feur mean?

"Haben Sie Feuer?" = "Do you have a light?"

What is the population of Frei?

The population of Frei is 5,274.

How tall is Daniel Feuer?

Daniel Feuer is 170 cm.

How tall is Sam Feuer?

Sam Feuer is 5' 11".

What does ein Feuer innerhalb meiner Seele mean?

It means "a fire within my soul".

When was Peter Frei born?

Peter Frei was born in 1946.

When was Sandra Frei born?

Sandra Frei was born in 1984.

When was Arturo Frei born?

Arturo Frei was born in 1939.

When was Carmen Frei born?

Carmen Frei was born in 1938.

When was Heinz Frei born?

Heinz Frei was born in 1958.

When was Carl Frei born?

Carl Frei was born in 1884.

When did Carl Frei die?

Carl Frei died in 1967.

What is the area of Frei?

The area of Frei is 65 square kilometers.

When was Tanya Frei born?

Tanya Frei was born in 1972.