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What does fidel mean?

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Faithful, loyal

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What does the name fidel mean?

the greek meaning for awsome

Who was the president of Cuba before Castro?

Before Raul Castro, it was Fidel Castro. If you mean before Fidel Castro then it was Osvaldo Dorticos Torrado.

Was Fidel Castro mean yes no only meanhe is a brutal muderer?

Fidel Alejandro Castro, regardless of our political opinions. Undoubtedly will be remembered as a warlord dictator

How did Fidel Castro became leader of Cuba?

Check your grammar. Do you mean 'How did Fidel Castro BECOME leader of Cuba?' And he won a coup. -Thats how he became leader.

What is the birth name of Fidel Lorite?

Fidel Lorite's birth name is Fidel Martnez Lorite.

Who is Fidel Castro's brother?

Fidel Castro's brother is Ra

What actors and actresses appeared in Fidel - 2006?

The cast of Fidel - 2006 includes: Fidel Verdin

What actors and actresses appeared in Fidel - 1999?

The cast of Fidel - 1999 includes: Muddy as Fidel

What religion is fidel Castro?

Fidel Castro is an atheist.

Who replaced Fidel Castro?

fidel castro's brother

What is fidel castro's full name?

Fidel Castro.

Is fidel Castro from Venezuela?

No, Fidel Castro is from Cuba.

Who is Fidel Castro's wife?

Fidel Castro does not have a wife.

What is Fidel Castro's real first name?


Does Fidel Castro have children?

Fidel has eight children.

What is the birth name of Fidel Bauna?

Fidel Bauna's birth name is Fidel Cesar Mbanga Bauna Bohamba.

What actors and actresses appeared in Looking for Fidel - 2006?

The cast of Looking for Fidel - 2006 includes: Fidel Castro as Fidel Castro Leonardo Corbucci as American journalist

Where did Fidel Castro live?

Fidel Castro ruled Cuba.

Did Fidel Castro die?

Fidel Castro died in 2016.

Has Fidel Castro died yet?

Fidel died in 2016.

What is Fidel Castro's belief system?

Fidel Castro is an atheist.

What are the projects of Fidel Valdez Ramos?

Fidel Valdez Ramos

When did Fidel Maíz die?

Fidel Maíz died in 1920.

When was Fidel Edwards born?

Fidel Edwards was born in 1982.

How tall is Fidel LaBarba?

Fidel LaBarba is 5' 3".

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