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getting your tubes tied

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what does red mean on a pregnancy test

It could mean a pregnancy without complications or risks. Another way of saying it is a "normal" pregnancy or "low risk" pregnancy.

it mean things that are fixed!! HELLO PEOPLE HOW R YOU? HOW HAVE YOU BEEN?

weak pregnancy blood test mean the pregnancy is liable to abort

combining nitrogen with oxygen

the word fixed expenses means to rent

A wolf pregnancy :) Lol What do you mean? How long? How Easy? What is it that you mean exactly? From Rosiiekaii

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Hernias are usually not something that prevents pregnancy but it might depend on where it is.

that something was fixed in space not on earth. dur

A substance which has no fixed shape, but takes on the shape of its container, and has a fixed volume at a fixed temperature. It is not compressible.

No, it doesn't. It doesn't mean "NOT pregnancy" either. What it should mean to you is "I should definitely see a doctor about this."

it means that your womb is ready pregnancy

If the pregnancy test was negative, it means that you are not pregnant.

Not sure what you mean with "deal with hard pregnancy". That is her job, no matter what kind of pregnancy you have.

sometimes, but it can also mean that you are getting your period. to be sure, i suggest that you go to the pharmacy and get a pregnancy test.

The cause of pregnancy is intercourse but that is probably not what you mean. Rephrase the question.

It could, but PMS sometimes copies pregnancy symptoms.

It means you have a positive pregnancy test.

A missed period is a symptom of pregnancy, however, pregnancy can only be confirmed by a medical professional.

An ectopic pregnancy is a uncommon pregnancy in which the pregnancy occurs outside of the womb. Most of the time the fetus (newborn) will not be able to develop and survive.

Yes, a dot of a tattoo on the ear of a ferret means that it is fixed

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