What does flaming mean?

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Angry emails and rude comments.

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Q: What does flaming mean?
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What does a flaming heart mean like a tattoo?

Flaming Heart comes from Crests from Europe,WHich the flaming heart on a crest would mean 'Burning passion,or love or desire"

What does flaming mean on the computer?

it mean there is a hacker in your computer

What does FLAMING on a computer mean?

Being Angry.

What does flaming mean ict terms?


What does a flaming eyeball mean?

You need medical attention.

What does flaming eyeball mean?

You need medical attention.

How is flaming similar to heckling?

Flaming and heckling are similar in that abusive, mean and nasty comments toward someone else are made. Flaming is done online and heckling is done in person.

What is meaning of flaming lyre?

"Flaming Lyre" is a book of poetry by Amador T. Daguio. In British slang "flaming liar" can also mean a person who frequently tells untruths.

What is flaming forum mean?

I better start off with what flaming is. Flaming is pretty much "trash talk, spam, rude, and arguing". This is where users usually can argue and it is allowed. A lot of times a board will have a flaming section, but it will not be moderated. Insults*

What do flaming cherry tattoos represent?

Flaming cherry tattoos do not have a specific representation. This tattoo can mean different things to different people.

What does flaming mean in the online world?

Flaming is very angry correspondence - often by several people attacking one person for some opinion they expressed

What does ablaze mean?

It means afire, or flaming. Or it can be used metaphorically to mean fervent, or ardent.If you mean "ablaze" it means on fire.

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