What does flash freeze mean?

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Who invented the flash-freezer to freeze fresh foods?

P.Diddy did

What is flash freezing?

# To freeze (produce, meat, or fish) immediately after harvesting, butchering, or catching. # To freeze (a biological specimen, for example) instantaneously by exposure to an environment of very low temperature. # Source:

What does freeze frame mean in dance?

to freeze! ;)

Can roosters combs freeze?

Yes, if you mean freeze then get frostbite.

Will a bunny get stunned if you take a picture of it with the flash?

A bunny will not generally get stunned if you take a picture of it with a flash. They may get scared and freeze momentarily, but they are not stunned in the the classic sense.

Can you freeze penni voka sauce?

I assume you mean penne a la vodka....yes you can freeze! I assume you mean penne a la vodka....yes you can freeze!

How do you get rid of adobe flash from your computer?

Needs clarification. Do you mean the flash player or flash software?

How does flash freezing work?

flash freezing works when water is cooled below its freezing point to form supercooled water. when ice is added ice crystals instantly form around the ice to create a flash freeze

What is the effect of selling fruit to other countries?

you have to flash freeze it when it is fresh so when you thaw it, the fruit will be fresh.

If you freeze gasoline can you light it on fire?

well considering that the flash point of gasoline is -97F (the coldest point at which gasoline will ignite) and it takes around 238F to full freeze

Can you freeze green Onion?

If you flash freeze it, it should be ok. If you just put in the the freezer, the liquid in the plant cells will expand and rupture the cell walls of the union leaving you with mush when it is defrosted.

What does 1255 code mean on a 1996 Chrysler Town and Country?

12 means that the battery was disconnected with in the last 50 start cycles 55 means end of codes. flash, short pause flash, flash (12) longer pause flash,flash,flash,flash,flash, short pause, flash,flash,flash,flash,flash (55)

How long will catfish stay fresh in a freezer?

It is no longer 'fresh' once you freeze any type of fish meat, unless it is flash frozen. As far as I know, there is no consumer version of a flash freezer.

What does the abbreviation swf mean?

Swf stands for Shockwave Flash It can also be Macromedia flash

When a sentence says if you have a flash of fear when your heart flutters what does the flash mean?

a brief rush

Why does ice freeze?

last time i checked, ice can't freeze. i believe you mean water?

What does Lil Wayne mean when he calls his wrist freeze?

freeze = diamonds.. otherwise known as ice.

What does it mean to 'freeze'?

To freeze something means to turn it into ice or another solid. This typically occurs because the item is exposed to extreme cold.

You might flash flash the bios when?

Assuming you mean "flash the CMOS", when the CMOS settings are so messed up, you cannot access the BIOS.

What does the white gel bracelet mean?

flash what you have

What do you mean by 'streaked over'?


How do you turn water into ice in seconds?

Turning water into ice in seconds can be done in a few ways. You can flash freeze the water for example.

How can you get a flash for your xperia x10 phone?

If you mean flashlight, then search flashlight in Android Market. If you mean flash player, you need Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread.

What is the temperatures when liquids freeze?

Most liquid freezes at 0 degrees celsius. Though you can do things like add salt to water so that it wont freeze. (very good trick for party's to quickly chill drinks) Liquids with high alcohol do not freeze unless they are flash frozen.

Is flash of guns and roses welsh?

There has never been a flash in Guns N Roses. If you mean Slash then no.