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it means time of the beat of stillness bye lol x


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—Focus helps you to look out for what is happening around you.

it is a dance studio! Focus Dance! Go! I go there too

Focus is what the performer looks at or where they look in a dance

Emotion is Energy-in-Motion.

It means the extent of movement.

the angle of movement around a joint

A Polonaise is a style of dance originated in Poland.

App means like appellation which means the preparation before a step in dance.

Focus in dance means wether or not you are ready or not to do the next movement In other words , if you are not doing anythin gin themiddle of a dance and your just suposed to be stood still then do that and dont talk to your friends next to you or slouch and bite your nails

a position of the body in comparison with the whole body

Balance means an equal distribution on weight

It means a German Dance like Bach's Allemande is music that the Germans used to dance to.

Dance terms are words that dancers use to sound prefessinal, or the names of dance steps or moves.

En dehors usually means outward, but can mean clockwise.

A waltz is a dance form with three beats to the measure.

definition of arms in lateral position in dance terms

Focus in dance is important so that you don't get sidetracked, so you remember your dance moves, and so you can be completely and fully aware of other dancers on the stage as well as yourself.

Tableau encourages focus and concentration

A dance instructor is a person who teaches dance. Dance instructors have to have dance lots of dance training and have to be fit and know proper terms and positioning.

The point inside the earth from where the earthquake originates is called focus.

They focus on the genre, EDM. EDM stands for electronic dance music.

Focus is attentiveness during doing something. Focus while dancing is that you only think of dancing while doing it.

There are lots of terms referring to lots of different kinds of dance. Some different types of dance include ballet, step, tap, jazz, flamenco, and other traditional cultural types of dance.

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