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  • It usually means that they are an expert or knowledgeable in a certain subject such as computers
  • It can mean someone who is different because their expertise/knowledge in a subject sets them apart.
  • A 'geek' can be an adult, a child or a teenager. A 'geek' can be male or female.
  • It's good that they're brainy.
  • There is nothing wrong with being smart or knowledgeable.
  • Bill Gates was a geek and look how successful he became.
  • A geek is someone who shows a great interest (sometimes an obsession) for a particular subject that is often (but not always) technical in nature.
  • It can some times mean a person who is single-minded or accomplished in technical scientific subjects, but is at the same time thought to be socially inept.
  • One of the richest men in America is Bill Gates (Microsoft) the alpha geek billionaire.
  • Once upon a time being described as a geek was seen as an insult Now, however, the term 'geek' has become complimentary or even a badge of honor.
  • If someone thinks geeks are not cool, they're entitled to their opinion. Others, however, think they are cool.
  • Many geeks are 'hot' (or 'cool'), watch Mythbusters' Kari, Grant, and Tori.
  • A geek is someone who has an intense interest in a particular subject/s. He/she engages in active strategizing, thinking and engagement in relation to that subject/s. It is someone who embraces a particular subject/s and spends considerably more time and effort on that than the average person.
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