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Q: What does gen ptr mean when ein is issued?
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What does PTR mean in court?

pre- trial release

How do you accept a string and print if it is a palindrome?

// Return true if str is a palindrome bool is_palindrome (char* str) { int len; char* cpy; char* ptr; bool b; len = strlen (str); if (!len) return false; cpy = malloc (sizeof(char) * (len + 1)); ptr = cpy; while (*ptr=*str) { if (*ptr>='A' *ptr<='Z') *ptr+=('a'-'A'); if ((*ptr>='a' && *ptr<='z') (*ptr>='0' && *ptr<='9')) { ++ptr; } ++str; } *ptr = '\0'; --ptr; str = cpy; while ((cpy!=ptr) && (cpy!=(ptr+1)) && (*cpy==*ptr)) { ++cpy; --ptr; } b = (*cpy==*ptr); free (str); return b; }

What is recurcive function in c?

A function that calls itself. Example: ProcessList (list *ptr) { if (ptr!=NULL) { DoSomething (ptr->data); ProcessList (ptr->next); } }

Suppose list is linked list in memory consisting of numerical values write the procedure for finding the mean of the values in the linked list?

int n; float sum; typedef struct _node { float value; struct node *next;} node; struct node *head; struct node *ptr; build_list(&head); for (n=0, sum=0., ptr=head; ptr!=null; sum+=ptr->value, ptr=ptr->next, n++); if (n>0) printf("n: %d mean: %f\n", n, sum/n); else printf("no elements\n");

What is the effect of various arithmetic operators on a pointers?

Error message, mainly. The following operations are legal: ptr + integer (pointer) ptr - integer (pointer) ptr - ptr (integer)

What type of firearms does PTR Indutries provide?

PTR Industries manufactures machine gun rifles for law-enforcement, military, and even regular civilians. Some of their models include the PTR Classic Wood, the PTR MSG91C, and the PTR SFR.

Wap to sorting the element of the array?

void main() { int i,j,temp1,temp2; int arr[8]={5,3,0,2,12,1,33,2}; int *ptr; for(i=0;i<7;i++) { for(j=0;j<7-i;j++) { if(*(arr+j)>*(arr+j+1)) { ptr=arr+j; temp1=*ptr++; temp2=*ptr; *ptr--=temp1; *ptr=temp2; clrscr(); for(i=0;i<8;i++) printf(" %d",arr[i]); getch(); }

How do you solve simple interest?

simple intrest=ptr/100: simple intrest=ptr/100:

Write a program to implement priority queue in C?

A priority queue is a type of data structure that allows for elements to be inserted in any order, and to be retrieved in the order of some priority, defined by the creator. It can be implemented in any programming language, including C. For more details, see related links.

How do you get on AQWorlds ptr server?

PTR doesn't exsist anymore Artix Entertainment shut it down for good.

What operator enables you to access structures members using pointers to the structure?

(*ptr).field or ptr->field

8085 ALP to perform 32 bit binary addition?

.model small.stack 32.codemov ax, @datamov ds, axmov ax, word ptr(num1)add ax, word ptr(num2)mov word ptr(res), axmov ax, word ptr(num1+2)adc ax, word ptr(num2+2)mov word ptr(res+2), axint 3h.datanum1 dd 22334455hnum2 dd 66778899hres dd ?end