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"Revenue" is all the money made off a product before taxes and expenditures are taken into account. For example, if you sell a product for $10, your revenue is $10. Tax is $0.70, and say you spent $2 just to make the product. Your PROFIT is ten minus two minus seventy-cents. Do not confuse REVENUE with PROFIT. They are different.
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How do banks generate revenue?

The primary way is through lending money to their customers.. A second way would be to issue bonds.. A third way would be to sell stock

How writing blogs generate revenue for a website?

Blog writers frequently use either affiliate programs or advertising for their revenue. The major trend in blog writing is to ad Google AdSense code to your blog where you get paid for every click on an advertisement. AdSense creates contextual advertising for each page subject related to what yo ( Full Answer )

How much revenue do franchise restaurant generate?

Franchise restaurants can generate anywhere from 50,000 dollars ayear to hundreds of thousands of dollars a year. It depends on thefranchise, management and location what the profit will be.

Defered revenu expinduture Meaning?

The deferred revenue expenditure refers to the incurred companyexpenses in one accounting period benefited for more than oneaccounting period. The common example of this expenditure is thecost of advertising and business licensing.

What is the mean of revenue?

Yeild from property or investment; income. The amount of money that a company actually receives during a specific period, including discounts and deductions for returned merchandise. It is the "top line" or "gross income" figure from which costs are subtracted to determine net income. Revenue is ( Full Answer )

How do you generate revenue through internet?

Free Exposure and Traffic from page ONE of Google. Become a SEO professional and be able to rank any website inminutes. 100 ways to advertise online for FREE. What to look for when choosing a free online advertising site. Get 10000 Fans on Facebook and convert to customers. Generate a Fast and ( Full Answer )

What sports generate the most revenue?

Some of the sports that generate the most revenue include soccerand football. Soccer is the most watched sport globally and that iswhy it generates a lot of income from television rights andcorporate sponsorships.

What does revenue income mean?

Revenue is income that is basically income such as, income, income and more income. Do You Understand ?!

How much of amazon's revenue is generated by ec2?

Unless you are an insider it will be difficult to fins out. However, the following link gives you some information (http://www.crn.com/news/applications-os/226500204/amazon-cloud-revenue-could-exceed-500-million-in-2010-report.htm). They estimate that a $500 million revenue on cloud services (this c ( Full Answer )

What is revenue generation?

An individual service subscriber who generates recurring revenue for a company. This is used as a performance measure with analysts, investors and other participants. Investors will look for a company to increase its revenue generating units over time because this suggests that the company is remain ( Full Answer )

How local government generate revenue?

1-local government generate revenue through federation acct,taxes ,marriage certificate ,grand in aid,import and export duties,birth registration,e.t.c

What is the meaning of revenue budget?

Revenue budget is the amount of money allocated to a business for the maintenance and growth of that business to keep it moving forward in hopes of a profit. It gives you of financial picture of many aspects of the business funds such accounts receivable, etc. and therefore saves you time by having ( Full Answer )

How do government generate revenue?

Governments can only generate revenue in three ways, usually a combination of the following three; 1) taxation , 2) borrowing (selling treasuries), 3) printing currency

How investment banks generate revenue?

By advisory fees on activities such as acquisitions, by commissions on activities such as IPOs, market making bid/ask spreads, and through trading their own money on the financial markets (proprietary trading).

How do investment bank generate revenue?

Investment banks generate revenue for the financial services they provide to their customers by means of fee, commission, brokerage etc. for every service a customer gets out of an investment bank, he/she is charged a fee based on the type of service and the amount that is being transacted. So the m ( Full Answer )

Meaning of average and marginal revenue?

Average revenue is the revenue per unit of the commodity sold. Average revenue and price are the same thing. It is obtained by dividing total revenue by the number of units sold by the producer. Suppose a firm's total revenue from the sale of 100 bicycles is Rs. 1,20,000,average revenue here will be ( Full Answer )

How much does the NFL generate in revenue?

the nfl makes anywhere from 11.5 billion dollars to 14.7 billion dollars depending on wich team goes to the superbowl. for example the nfl made the most money when the new England patriots went to the super bowl their first year wich was 14.7 billion dollars. the money comes froms ads on television ( Full Answer )

What do you mean by revenue expenditure?

Expenditure for which benefit is expected to be taken in one fiscalyear from occurance of expenditure is called 'Revenue Expenditure" Expenditure for which benefit is expected to be taken for morethanonce year is called 'Capital Expenditure'

What does revenue mean in math?

The revenue is the amount of money a company actually recieves. Itis the the number before costs are subtracted.

If a firm has 100 million in revenues Does that mean it has generated a cash flow of 100 million?

Not necessarily. Let's say a company sold services on December 20th, 2009 for $50 million. If they sold these services on account, the journal entry would be: Accounts Receivable $50 million Service Revenues $50 million This company would have $50 million in Revenues but $0 in cash flow for ( Full Answer )

When was Social Security money first used as general revenue?

Congress passed temporary legislation following WW II that was in effect from 1947-1951 to pay benefits to WW II veterans who became disabled in the years immediately following the war and were ineligible for VA benefits. A total of $16 million was transferred into special trust funds during this pe ( Full Answer )

What does vehicle Revenue weight mean?

In some cases, vehicles are licensed according to the weight of thevehicle. Vehicle Revenue weight means the current weight of thevehicle when it is in an empty state.

What does to maximise sales revenue mean?

In business, revenue is income that a company receives from its normal business activities, usually from the sale of goods and services to customers. In many countries, such as the United Kingdom, revenue is referred to as turnover. Some companies receive revenue from interest, dividends or royaltie ( Full Answer )

How does Google generate revenue?

Too many ways to list in this small space however - here are a few: - Advertising (search, network & partnerships) 96% oftheir income is derived from this source - Youtube advertising revenue (they own the TUBE!) - Google Enterprise Services - Google Check-out fees (Paypal competitor) - An ( Full Answer )

How does imdb.com generate revenue?

It's owned by Amazon.com, which sells films. If you look up a specific film such as "True Grit" (1969), there is a link on the right of the page that takes you to Amazon.com to buy it.

How does a bank makes its profit and generates revenue?

Banks make their profit through interest from loans, credit cards etc. and also from the fees from having a bank account and eftpos transactions etc. _____________________________ Fees and Interest.

What constraint do states have in generating revenue?

State revenues generally come from income taxes and sales taxes. People respond negatively to attempts to raise these or other taxes. But there are things they want their state to do and are willing to pay for. As taxes go up, the people tend to elect leaders that want less spending.

What does increase revenue mean?

It means generate more money. If a company wants to generate more revenue, they can do so by selling more products or selling the same amount at a higher price. When governments want to increase revenue - get more money - they usually do so by raising taxes or fees.

How is revenue generated from using Google AdSense?

Revenue is generated through Google AdSense by allowing images, video and media advertisements that are targeted to the viewing habits of the audience. Revenues are generated on a per-impression or per-click basis.

How does South Africa generate revenue?

Foreign exports (raw materials, processed goods, agricultural goodsand minerals) Foreign investment Company Taxes Personal income taxes VAT system

What is the meaning of the term revenue?

Revenue means the income generated from sale of goods or services, or any other use of capital or assets, associated with the main operations of an organization before any costs or expenses are deducted. Revenue is shown usually as the top item in an income (profit and loss) statement from which all ( Full Answer )

What does revenue generating sport mean?

A "revenue generating sport" helps to raise money/fund for the organizer of the event. They are marked by various sponsors and costly entry fees.