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What does geometric figures mean?

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toy figures that have to do with geologic features

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What contains all geometric figures?

The only thing that can contain all geometric figures is the set of all geometric figures, which is an infinite set.

Is it possible to have a plane be the intersection of two geometric figures?

It is not possible if the two geometric figures are finite.

What are the geometric figures?

toy figures that have to do with geologic features

Are geometric figures Greek?

No. They are universal.

Parallelogram and rhombus?

They are geometric figures.

What is the movement of geometric figures called?

Translation.Me: Well, a translation is when a figure is slid in any direction. A movement of geometric figures is called a Transformation. (:

Are there triangles in geometry?

Of course, they are geometric figures.

What is the definition of triangles?

3 sided geometric figures

What is a geometric property?

1.The Geometric mean is less then the arithmetic mean. GEOMETRIC MEAN < ARITHMETIC MEAN 2.

What is the difference between constructing and drawing geometric figures?

Constructing geometric figures means with the help of a compass, protractor and a scale with accurate measurement. Drawing may just be drawing rough figures with no accurate measurement.

What is the geometric number of 5 and 320?

If, by geometric number (?) you mean geometric mean, then the answer is 40.

What geometric figures are a rectangle and a square?

they are polygons ang quadrilaterals

What is the basic geometric figures?

circle, square, triangle, rectangle

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