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Q: What does go Mimi's mean in Spanish translation?
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What do mimis in spanish mean?

It means to go to sleep , its like a loving way of saying night night to a little kid

What does Que no va mean in Spanish?

Translation: What doesn't go?

What is ir in spanish?

Translation: go

What is andar in spanish?

Translation: To walk, to go, or to be.

What is the spanish translation of go faster?

ir más rápido

Que' usted para arriba tambie'n translation form spanish to English?

Go to and click on translator. paste the spanish in and it will give you a translation

What does ir al centro commercial mean in spanish?

ir al centro means "Go to the center" I have not seen the commercial but that would be the translation.

How can you get something in Spanish translated to English?

Go here, for spanish translation and dictionary.

How do you say what school do you go to in spanish?


What is the Spanish translation for let go of your services?

no necesitamos sus servicios

How do you say i need to go in spanish?

Translation: Me tengo que ir.

How do you say I don't wanna go in Spanish?

The translation is "no quiero ir."