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Q: What does government assisted passage mean?
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What was the Assisted Passage Scheme?

The Assisted Passage Scheme is a scheme whereby a government encourages people to emigrate or return home by agreeing to pay for their ticket.

What does supple government mean as used in this passage?

ability to move

What does supple government mean as used in passage?

ability to move

How was Sacagawea significant to US history?

She assisted Lewis and Clark on their journey to discover the Northwest Passage.

What is the difference between an assisted readymade and a rectified readymade?

What does assisted ready-made mean?

Were the first British settlers assisted by the Australian government to come to Australia?

No. At that time, there was no Australian government.

How did the government assist big businesses?

The government assisted big businesses by giving generous land grants and other subsidies.

What did the government to help build railroads?

They assisted in the acquisition of land for the tracks to go through.

What does the word assisted mean?

It is the past tense of the word assist, to help to someone or share the work load, after the work is done you have assisted them.

Does anyone give ratings on assisted living facilities in Central Virginia?

You can find ratings for assisted livings by searching for them by name in google or by contacting your local government agency that deals with families.

What does reading passage mean?

A reading passage is an excerpt from a story, novel, or essay.

What does the passage mean?

The new world