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it means that the people are free to elect their own representatives, so it becomes a government for and by the people

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Q: What does government by the people mean?
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What does the statement of beliefs in the declaration of independence mean?

They mean that the people have a right to choose the government and when the government doesn't serve the people they have the right to change the government.

What does government of the people mean?


What does domacracy mean?

Government by the people. (no king) People can vote.

What does draft mean in government?

In military terms, a draft is when the government makes people fight in a war. If not enough people have enlisted, the government starts drafting people. Draft can also mean a wind coming through a wall or a type of beer.

What does democrcy mean?

Demo= people cracy= government so a democracy is litteraly a government that is ruled by the people, like votting.

What does the term central government mean?

A strong Central government is When the Government has a lot more power than the people. Unlike a weak central government where the people have more say in law.

What was government in the US like in the 1800s?

the federal government you mean and it was to help people in need I think

What does Repulican party Mean?

believes that the government shoulnt have to pay for other people believes that the government shoulnt have to pay for other people

Who are the enemies of Iran?

If you mean who are the enemies of the government of Iran, then U.S., and Europe. but the people love the U.S. and European people. It is only the government.

What does just powers mean?

Does just powers mean, the power of the government come from the people

What is a government where the nobles rule?

You mean rich people? It's an aristocracy

What does consent of governed mean?

People are the source of all government power.