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I'm not so pro in Swedish but I think it mean:

Congratulate because of Europa Masters Cup.

It maybe championship or entering the matches.

By the way, I have to say Swedish has so many words that cannot translate to English like Fika! or even Knulla!

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it means happy birthday in swedish!!

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Q: What does grattis mean in Swedish?
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What is the Swedish word for 'welcome'?

Välkommen The Swedish word for congratulations is "grattis"

Happy birthday in the Swedish?

The simple is to say only "Grattis", the other is "Grattis på födelsedagen".

How do you say congratulations Sweden in Swedish?

Congratulations is said "Gratulationer" in Swedish, or simply "Grattis".

What are the Happy Birthday Lyrics In Swedish?

Google translate says: 'Grattis på födelsedagen till dig,Grattis till er, födelsedagen kära _________, Grattis till er.' Listen

How do you say 'I love you' in Swedish?

Happy anniversary = Grattis på årsdagen It's rarely used though, usually you congratualte people on specific anniversaries. Ex. Happy birthday = Grattis på födelsedagen Wedding anniversary = Grattis på bröllopsdagen and so on

How do you say congratulations on your engagement in Swedish?

We could say "Gratulerar (or "grattis") till att du har gått i pension!"

How do you say surprise in Swedish?

Surprise is överraskning in Swedish.In Swedish you don't yell "överraskning!", as you would yell "surprise!" in English, when surprising someone. Instead you can say "grattis!" which means congratulations, or something similar that fits the occasion.

What does am mean Swedish?

"Am" as in "I am" is "är" in Swedish.

How do you write All the best and cheers in Swedish?

Slàinte mhòr agad! or Slàinte mhath!

What does du mean in Swedish?

Du means you in Swedish.

What does har mean in Swedish?

Har means has in Swedish.

What does herr mean in Swedish?

It means Mr in Swedish.