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what does ha'ena mean in the Hawaiian language

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What does ha mean in the hawaiian language?

It means breath of life in hawaiian language.

What does the word Matariki mean in Hawaiian?

This is not a Hawaiian word. The Hawaiian language does not contain the letter "R".

What does Mary mean in Hawaiian?

It means the same in Hawaiian as in any other language.

What does makalah mean in hawaiian?

That isn't a Hawaiian word. A rule for the Hawaiian language is that no word can end with a consonant.

How tall is Catherine Haena Kim?

Catherine Haena Kim is 5' 4".

What does imanu mean in the hawaiian language?

The word imani does not mean anything in the Hawaiian language. The word imani is a Swahili name that means faith and it is the word for the last day of Kwanzaa.

What does washine mean in the hawaiian language?

I believe you mean 'wahine' which is woman or female.

What does thank you mean in Hawaii?

Thank you in the Hawaiian language is Mahalo.

What nicknames does Catherine Haena Kim go by?

Catherine Haena Kim goes by CK.

What does malihini mean in the hawaiian language?

Malihini means tourist or a newcomer

Is Hawaiian an official language?

Yes, Hawaiian is an official language of the state of Hawaii.

What does malia mean in kenyan?

It's not Kenyan, it's Hawaiian! And... "Kenyan" is not a language.

What does the name kilinahe mean?

Kilinahe in the Hawaiian language means "light rain".

What does maheoe mean in the Hawaiian language?

Aloha: to slowly fade away or disappear

What does da kine mean in the hawaiian language?

The word Dakine in the Hawaiian language mean 'a word your cannot think of' So should you forget a word during a conversation the word dakine can be used to replace the word you have forgotten.

What is the birth name of Catherine Haena Kim?

Catherine Haena Kim's birth name is Catherine Hae Na Kim.

Stephen meaning in the Hawaiian language?

Stephen has no meaning in the Hawaiian language, but it is pronounced Kewane.

What does na mai'a o ke Kai mean?

In the Hawaiian language: banana of the sea

What does kuulei mean in hawaiian language?

Aloha:my little flower (an affectionate nickname for a sweetheart)

When was Catherine Haena Kim born?

Catherine Haena Kim was born on May 19, 1984, in Queens, New York, USA.

What does Obama mean in hawaiian?

Obama has no meaning in Hawaiian. The word itself is a proper name of Kenyan origin, probably from the Luo language of his biological father.

How do you say amen in Hawaiian language?

The Hawaiian language was formed before they were introduced to Christianity... ergo, there isn't a word for "amen" in that language.

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