Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

What does Harry Potter do in Harry Potter in the order of the phoenix?


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In the end of the fourth book, Harry Potter reveals the return of Lord Voldemort to the rest of the Wizarding world. The Ministry of Magic, who were afraid of confronting this issue, made many lame attempts to cover up Harry's statement. Soon, almost everyone is convinced that Harry is a madman. He feels the grief of the hate he is receiving from his peers. Hermione and Ron convince Harry to set up "D.A." or Dumbledore's Army to assist the students of Hogwarts (those who believe Harry and who want to stop Voldemort) to fight and battle. The trio experience a variety of hardships throughout the year, (such as an unexplainable attack on Ron's dad that Harry had mysteriously foreseen). In the end, Harry and a few selected members of D.A. join forces to fight Voldemort at the Ministry of Magic's Department of Mysteries and to save Harry's beloved god-father Sirius Black. Later, they discover that it was a trick Voldemort had played to endanger Harry's life. Sirius later dies in battle and his true indentity is shown. Voldemort's appearance at the Ministry of Magic shocks many of the Ministry employees and everybody begins to believe Harry's story again. Meanwhile, the prophecy that Voldemort had been looking for at the Department of Mysteries about him and Harry is shattered. Harry soon discovers that he was destined to kill (or either be killed by) the mighty Lord Voldemort.