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Te extraño nena

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Q: What does hey te extraño nena mean?
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What does te extrao mean in English?

"I miss you my love"

What does Jodar la CohEtes mean in English?

Nena, Te amo.

What does te amo nena linda mean in spanish?

I love you, pretty girl.

Te extrao mucho hermana you deseo berte es 27?

Considering that extrao is "extrano", you is "yo", "berte" is "verte" and es is "el", then the translation is usually "I miss you, sister. I want (or desire) to see you on the 27th.

What is nena te amo tanto in English?

nena te amo tanto= baby girl i love you so much

What does te quiero mucho bebe mean?

te amo nena means i love you baby te amo means i love you and nena meanz baby.

How do you say have a good time girl in Spanish?

Que te diviertas nena. Que te lo / la pases bien, nena.

What does te queiro y estrano mucho nena translate to in English?

te quiero y extrano mucho nena means i like you and miss you a lot and i don't know how you say nena in English

What does que te pasa nena yo se a blar cubano porque te enojas mean?

Que te pasa nena = What's the matter with you, girl/babe yo se hablar (pronounced 'a blar') cubano = I can speak Cuban Por que te enojas = Why are you getting angry Porque te enojas = Because you are getting angry

How you say i missed you to baby in spanish?

i te extrano nena

What does te quieto nena mi corazon que significa el mundo para mi mean?

'Te quieto' = I quieten/appease you I think you misread 'Te quiero' = 'I love you'; if so, your sentence translates as: 'I love you, babe. my heart, who mean the world to me.'

What does 'Ya pues ven nena rica te extraño' mean in English?

This means "well then come rich baby I miss you" as an exact translation.