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What does hmu mean in internet slang?


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It means "Hit me up."



HMU simply means "hit me up"


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hmu usually means: Hit Me Up

hit me up...(which means call me or text me...or we need to get in touch)

it means talk to you later in internet slang

If you mean slang as in internet slang, then it means "Certified Old Fart".

"hmu" means "hit me up"

'Lol' means 'Laugh out Loud' in Internet Slang.

In internet slang it usually means "No strings attached."

YAF means in internet slang your a f*ck

SOS or soz as it is more commonly used is the internet slang for sorry

Hit me upexample: Josh how are u doing hmu

smh means: Shaking my head, hmu means: Hit me up.

For internet slang; TAI = Think About It

MOO is internet slang for "My Own Opinion"

hmu means hit me up and that means they want further cummunication with you

hmu means hit me up. Its like saying text me or lets talk.

Unusual Internet slang for "faster than you".

it means cheese is the best

Broadcast - from Blackberry Messenger

It means "Bad As Designed".

HMU Hanoi Medical University HMU Hydromechanical Unit HMU Height Monitoring Unit HMU Harlan Municipal Utilities (Harlan, IA) HMU Hydrogen Manufacturing Unit HMU Hit Me Up (phone, text or email me) HMU Hair/Makeup (film production) HMU Helmet Mounted Unit HMU Host Manifest Upload (UPS) HMU Hydro-mechanical Metering Unit HMU Height Measuring Unit (aircraft) HMU Helicopter Maintenance Unit

Probably 'haha,' especially in animanga-y areas of the internet.

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