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What does hoc est infantima malom mean?


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Hoc est infantima malom basically translates from Latin into English to: "This is a bad baby", for if you wish to know, the continuation was: "nos omnia perdetu el eam", which means in English: "Finally, we all lose it".

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"Hic/haec/hoc est", or "ecce" ("behold").

enim simply means "truly or for" so the second phrase is "This is truly my body" or "For this is my body"

Lima's motto is 'Hoc signum vere regum est'.

'Hoc Vince' is the Latin for 'By this conquer!'

'Such as we are, you will be'.

'Such as we are, you will be'.

The meaning of hoc is "this" in place of a noun (with hoc being the pronoun). An example of hoc being used in a phrase is ad hoc which means "for this", such as an ad hoc committee or a committee created for a specific purpose or outcome.

The Latin phrases 'Suscipe... . Oferimus... . Hoc est enim corpus meum' are words from the Mass. The word 'suscipe' translates as receive, and 'oferimus' as we offer. The ending sentence means For this is my body. And its word-by-word translation is as follows: 'hoc' means 'this'; 'est' means '[it] is'; 'enim' means 'for'; 'corpus' means 'body'; and 'meum' means 'my'.

This is a quotation from St. Aloysius, I believe. Quid est hoc ad aeternitatem

ad hoc: for a specific purpose, situation or cause, and for no other.

The translation of Pointe du Hoc is Hook Point.

It means this; or hither.

In English: "For this is my body" In Latin: "Hoc est enim corpus meam"

"In this year of our Lord"

The motto of Sir Wilfrid Laurier Collegiate Institute is 'Hoc Tempus est Tibi'.

Aemilius Portus has written: 'Lexikon Do rikon Helle norro maikon, hoc est dictionarium Doricum Graecolatinum...'

The phrase 'ad hoc' may mean for this, to this. In the word-by-word translation, the preposition 'ad' means 'to'. The relative pronoun 'hoc' is the ablative singular of 'hic' ['this'], and means something close at hand.To this thing is the English language equivalent of 'ad hoc'. In the word by word translation, the preposition 'ad' means 'to'. The demonstrative 'hoc' means 'this, this thing'.

what does the Latin phrase ''Si Hoc'' mean

In hoc signo means "In this sign"; it's a Latin translation of a Greek phrase Constantine I supposedly saw in the sky before the Battle of Milvian Bridge, IN HOC SIGNO VINCES("in this sign you will conquer").

Ad hoc is not generally translated into English, it's left untranslated (pronounced "add hock"). If you're looking for a translation, it's literally "to this", and is used to mean "formed for a specific purpose only" ("an ad hoc committee") or sometimes "spontaneous; improvised" ("an ad hoc piano recital").

G. Schott has written: 'Mathesis Caesarea' 'Anatomia physico-hydrostatica fontium ac fluminum' 'Pantometrum Kircherianum, hoc est'

Literally "What does this want for itself?", Quid hoc sibi vult is a Latin idiom that means "What does this mean?"Quoted with quod rather than quid, it means "[Which is] what this means".

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