What does hot air do?

Updated: 9/14/2023
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hot air rises.

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Q: What does hot air do?
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Why do you use hot air for hot air balloon instead of cool air?

Hot air rises.

Why does a hot air balloon fly when you apply hot air?

the hot air is more dense then the actual air

What is in a hot air balloon to make it fly?

Hot air! Hot air is lighter than cold air.

What is hot air?

hot air is when you get hoott

Which gas do you use for hot air balloons?

Hot air is used for hot air balloons.

Hot air makes hotairballoons do what?

Hot air makes a hot air balloon rise because hot air is less dense than the cooler air around it, so the hot air balloon floats on the cooler air around it.

How does hot air travel out of a hot cup of hot chocolate?

hot air rises

What is hot and cool air?

hot is hot cool air is cold

What is inside an hot air balloon?

hot air or hot gas

How do hot air balloons stay in air?

hot air rises

How is a hot balloon lifted into the air?

to make a hot air balloon rise you use hot air

When does a air balloon rise?

A hot air balloon rises because when hot air is added it is intended to rise and when the hot air balloons wants to land, hot air is decreased.