What does ich habe nor mean?

Updated: 12/13/2022
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ich habe = I have

nor is not a German word

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Q: What does ich habe nor mean?
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What does ich habe dich mean in English?

The "am" can mean several different things depending on what follows (it can mean at, on, in, by, most, etc.). "Ich habe" means "I have."

What does ich habe kein geld mean in English?

ich habe kein Geld = I have no money

What does Ich habe das macht mean?

It means: I've done that Ich- i habe- have das- that macht- fone

What does in meiner schultasche habe ich mean?

In my schoolbag I have...

Habe ich hunger?

Habe ich hunger? translates as Am I hungry?

What does ich hab geburstag mean?

Ich habe Geburtstag translates as It's my birthday.

What does ich haben mean in German?

Correctly conjugated it should be "ich habe." This means "I have".

How do you say im hungry in German?

Ich bin hungrig or Ich habe Hunger.

What is I have missed you mean in German?

Ich habe dich vermisst or Ich vermisse dich. (I`m missing you).

Ich habe eine frage an dich?

Ich habe eine frage an Dich = I have a question for you

Ich habe dich nicht vergessen mean?

I haven't forgotten you.

Ich habe am?

Ich habe am translates as I have.....on...i.e.Ich habe am 5. November einen Zahnarzt-Termin - I have a dentist's appointment onNovember 5th.