What does implantation bleeding look like and how long does it last when does it start?


Its just a bit of blood really maybe a spot of blood or blood in discharge 1 in 3 women get Implantation bleeding. It can be thick/stringy. The colour can be brown/pink/red. It can happen up2 3 days. Mine was 11 days after my period so I don't know maybe in the middle of your menstrual cycle or just before your due on.

Hope I help

From Pink Princess


From what I have read from people who have actually experienced this, it varies. Some people notice a light pink, pale red, or brown blood. It may or may not be accompanied by cramps. It can last from 1-3 days approximately. About 1/4-1/3 of pregnant women experience something that could be call implantation bleeding. It is light, may only be noticeable on toilet paper or might be a little on a panty liner but never a lot of blood.