What does impotent mean?

Impotence is characterized as the helplessness to attain or preserve an erection to carry out physical communication or ejaculation.

Here are two types of impotence: primary and secondary.

Primary impotence:
Men with primary impotence have not at all had enough long lasting for adequate interaction. This type of impotence is exceptional and is frequently origin by extreme psychological circumstances, such as powerful fear of closeness, tremendous approach of responsibility, and harsh nervousness.

Secondary impotence, defined as the failure of erectile utility subsequent to a stage of normal occupation, is more ordinary. Men with secondary erection are normally able to employ in intercourse only 25% of the time. This type of erection normally comes on slowly and is typically more easily pleasure that primary impotence.

What is impotence?

"lacking power or ability" -


"(of a male) unable to copulate"


The word impotent means unable to act, or ineffective, such as an impotent leader.

The general sexual term "impotent" means suffering from erectile disfunction or more simply, difficulty in getting and maintaining an erection of their penis.