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it means that the egg (etc) is fertilized outside the woman's body in a test tube.

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What does the root ation mean?

the root -ATION- means the act of doing something

What are the bioethical issues in IN VITRO fertilization?

what is the bioethical in in vitro fertilazation

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Definition of ex vitro?

What does ex vitro mean? grown in the natural condition, example ex vitro plant means field grown plants.

What are the words ends with -ation?


What does the suffix ation mean?

it means action, process, state or condition

From Latin to English what does 'in vitro' mean?

Answer: within the glass. ---- "In glass" ie. when talking about in vitro fertilisation, we literally mean fertilisation "in a test-tube".

Suffix for transportation?

Suffix for the word transportation is "ation"

What are some examples of suffix -ation?

suffix "ation" are: formation conformation irritation vibration nation That's all i know

What is a noun that starts with m and ends in -ation?

Mimication Miscalculation

What are some 9 letter words that end in -ation?


What is the suffix of confederation?

The Suffix Of ConfederationIs ation. Confederationation.

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What is the opposite of in-vitro?

The opposite of "in vitro" (literally in glass) is "in vivo" (in life).

What does in vitro mean when translated from Latin?

Something that is 'in vitro' was grown outside of a living organism. it is synonymous with 'ex vivo', making this definition even more obvious. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If it's the basic translation you were looking for: "In vitro" simply means "In glass"

How are viruses grown or made?

i believe they mean in vitro or in vivo, bcuz the book said they cant be made unless in host. so then it refers to in vivo and vitro

Words that end in the suffix -ation?

starvation, sublimation, nation, civilisation, animation,

What words begin with W and end in -ation?

Such words include: westernization winterization

What is the meaning of the Suffix 'ation'?

The suffix 'ation' means action or process. For example, 'taxation' is the process of charging for tax. 'Elevation' is the action of raising a person or object.

What does the scientific expression in vitro mean?

The term in vitro means " in an artificial environment, outside the body."add Literally it means "in glass", as distinct from "in vivo" within the body.

What are some words that end in -ation?

transaction, reaction, vacation, consolidation, ramification, lactation.

What does the suffix -ation?

The suffix -ion means in the process of. This is shown in production: the process of producing.

What does the abbreviation IVF mean?

In Vitro Fertilization. The fertilization process is done manually.

Words that end in ation?

nation, discrimination

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