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What does infinite and finite mean?

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Infinite means never ending while finite means it ends.

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What does finite or infinite mean in maths?

infinite means never ending whilst finite means it has a end

What is an antonym of 'infinite'?

'Finite' is the antonym of 'infinite'. 'Infinite' literally means 'not finite'.

What does finite or infinite mean?

finite means something will come to an end in a certain time. infinite means it has no end i.e. keeps going

What does finite mean in science?

Finte is the opposite of infinite, finite is a known quanity that has an ending quanity

What is a finite and infinite set?

A set which containing $and pi are the end blocks are the finite and without these are infinite

What the differentiate between finite set and infinite set?

A finite set has a finite number of elements, an infinite set has infinitely many.

Can finite sets could be infinite sets?

The way I understand it, a finite set can not be an infinite set, because if it were an infinite set, then it would not be a finite set, and the original premise would be violated.

What is the difference between infinite and finite sequence?

infinite is never ending while finite means it canend

What is the difference between infinite and finite?

Infinite is unlimited, boundless or endless. Finite has boundaries and is measurable and does have limits

Normal distribution is finite?

The domain is infinite but the range is finite.

Is the number of stars finite or infinite?

The number of stars is finite.

What is the difference between an infinite sequence and a finite sequence?

A finite sequence has a beginning and an end, whereas an infinite sequence has no end.

Is the set are all the letter alphabet finite or infinite?

Finite ends. Infinite has no end in site. The alphabet has 26 letters therefore, it's indeed a FINITE sequence.

Differences between finite and infinite loop?

A function is set of instruction that perform some specific operation . There are two type of loops one is finite and other is infinite. A finite loop is one that end after finite runs and an infinite loop is one that never ends itself.

Difference between finite and infinite verbs?

An infinite verb is not limited. The finite verb has to be under a certain category standard, it has boundaries.

Is factors of any number is infinite?

No. Factors are finite. Multiples are infinite.

Is a set of consonants an infinite or finite?

It is finite, but there would be many possible combinations.

Which set is infinite 3.5.7?

The set 3.5.7 is finite.The set 3.5.7 is finite.The set 3.5.7 is finite.The set 3.5.7 is finite.

What are the finite or infinite sets?

A finite set is one containing a finite number of distinct elements. The elements can be put into a 1-to-1 relationship with a proper subset of counting numbers. An infinite set is one which contains an infinite number of elements.

What is the Difference between a finite set and countable set?

all finite set is countable.but,countable can be finite or infinite

Is an empty set finite or infinite?

An empty set (null set) is considered finite.

Are integers infinite?

No. Each integer is finite. There is an infinite number of them though.

What is the kinds of sets?

One classification is: finite, countably infinite and uncountably infinite.

Are integers infinte or finite?

Integers are infinite.

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