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What does inscribtable mean on the DVD R package?

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It probably means that it is a LightScribe disk, which allows certain DVD burner to print a label on them.

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What is the difference between DVD plus r to DVD-r?

There is no difference - they both mean DVD recordable

What does the -R mean on a DVD?

Once you write anything on DVD you can view, but you cannot re-write on the same dvd. So, it is DVD-R not DVD-RW

Should you buy DVD plus r or DVD -r?


Can you rewrite on a DVD r disk?

No it is not possible to rewrite a DVD-r or DVD+r disc. The type of DVD that can do that is a DVD-rw or a DVD+rw

Can you write to DVD-R with DVD R burner?

It depends on the actual type of DVDR drive you have. Most will say either DVD-R or DVD+R. If it is a modern drive, it's likely to say DVD+-R. Basically, you need disc types that match the '+' or '-' you have. If you have a DVD-R drive, you need DVD-R discs If you have a DVD+R drive, you need DVD+R discs If you have a DVD+-R drive, you can use either!

Wii should use DVD-r or DVD r?

They're the same thing. If you mean either DVD-R or DVD+R then most optical devices these days recognise and read both. Your burner too. Best to check the specification before committing however.

Do you need a DVD - R or a DVD R to burn a windows movie?

Yes, you need to insert a bland DVD disc, either DVD-r or DVD+r is ok, before you burn movie to DVD. Generally speaking, DVD-r is more compatible than DVD+r.

How do you convert DVD -R to DVD R?

you can try copy the contents of a recorded DVD-R to a DVD-RW

What is a DVD chart and where can it be bought?

A dvd chart is what tells you about the dvd-r that you are buying. It has information such as the recording time on a dvd-r so you know how much you can put on the dvd-r. A dvd chart could also be the compatibility chart of a dvd-r and dvd player.You can find out the compatibility of your dvd-r and your dvd player usually by looking up the dvd players manufacturer and reading their information on dvd-r compatibility.

Do you need a DVD-r or a DVD r for converting avi file to a DVD?

DVD-R is the best convertxdvd can help you convert avi to DVD

What are some disadvantages of DVD-R?

what are the advantages and disadvantages if a dvd = r

Should you use DVD-R DVD Plus R or DVD-RW?

DVD-R and DVD+R are actually different formats developed by different organizations. DVD-R is the older of the two, and are better for burning DVD movies to play on your home DVD player. Alot of older DVD players do not support DVD+R type discs so burning your movies using DVD-R will make sure your movies work. DVD+R Have better performance in newer DVD drives, and is usually better for data backup and archiving.

How do you delete DVD r videos?

DVD-R and DVD+R disks can not be erased so you can not delete the videos. DVD-RW are erasable and reusable.

Can you reformat a DVD-r to a DVD plus r?


How many times can you record over a DVD-R?

you cant the in dvd-r means record you can only add to the file or dvd-r

How can you get dvds that you recorded on your samsung model DVD-R4000 video recorder to play on your computer?

If your computer has a DVD player it should play, providing that the DVD player isn't limited to only playing DVD-r discs. There are a couple of types of DVD's on the market. DVD+R and DVD-R which use different burning methods. The insustry finally seems to be settling on the DVD-R format, but that doesn't mean that other compainies with DVD recorders have decided to follow suit.

Desribe the difference between DVD-r and DVD-ram?

The difference between the DVD-R and DVD-Ram is that, DVD-R does Writing and Reading of information and DVD-Ram does Reading only.

What are the differences between DVD-R and DVD Plus R?

Dvd-r is a format of DVD to be burned The DVD +r is considered slightly more compatible with DVD players and more reliable for computer DVD players might be able to shed more light on this.

What is the difference between DVD-R and DVD plus R?

DVD-R is where you burn something onto and you can't change it after but DVD+R is where you can make a change if you want to, after you've burnt it.

Can you convert a DVD-R to a DVD-RW?

No, but you can copy the contents of a recorded DVD-R to a DVD-RW.

Which DVD format file will Phillips DVD player play?


What does DVD multi mean?

DVD multi is a specification that is used for optical media drives. Drives that contain DVD Multi can read and write DVD-R, DVD-RW discs. It can also read DVD-ROM, and DVD video.

What is a DVD multi recorder?

A DVD multi recorder can both read and burn the various normal CD and DVD formats, i.e. CD-R, CD-RW, DVD+R, DVD-R, DVD+RW, and DVD-RW.

Can you change a DVD-r to a DVD r?

When DVD burners were first bundled with computers, each brand had their own DVD format. Some of the DVD burners used DVD-R, while others used DVD+R. The formats differed very little in terms of quality settings, however a computer that created one DVD format could not play the other. After time, computers gained the ability to burn both DVD-R and DVD+R formats. After this change, it became possible to copy the contents of a DVD-R and convert it onto a DVD+R.1Check to make sure you have a DVD burner that can read both DVD+R and DVD-R disks. Without a drive that can do this, you can not perform the conversion process. Most computers created within the last several years are capable of reading both DVD+R and DVD-R. The manual for the computer should state this information.2Insert the DVD-R disk into the computer. The disk must be a data DVD and not a video DVD. A video DVD can not convert from DVD-R to DVD+R. However, if the DVD-R disk is a data disk, you will be able to convert the files.3Double-click "My Computer" (or "Computer") and double-click the DVD icon. A window opens, displaying all of the contents currently saved on the disk.4Click and drag over all the files you want to convert over to a DVD+R. This highlights all of the content. Click in the highlighted area and drag it to the computer's desktop.5Eject the DVD-R and insert the blank DVD+R into the DVD burner on your computer. Launch the DVD burning software.6Select to create a data DVD, then click and drag the files from your desktop into the main viewing area of the DVD burner.7Click "Burn" and the DVD+R begins to burn. Once the burn process completes, the conversion from DVD-R to DVD+R is done.

Will this tv/dvd also play films on DVD-R?

Yes this dvd player can handle your DVD-R as long as the disc has been properly formatted.