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What does installing a game on 360 do?


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When you install a game on the 360, you can play the game without the disk (with limited features). You CANNOT play Xbox Live either.

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Installing an Xbox 360 to your HDD improves loading times, removes disc noise and overall creates a smoother gaming experience. But you still need the disc in the Xbox 360 Console to play the game.

Installing an Xbox 360 to your HDD improves loading times, removes disc noise and overall creates a smoother gaming experience. However, you still need the disc in the Xbox 360 Console to play the game.

you should always be able to play online without installing a game

Installing a game to your Xbox does not mean your installing the full game. Just some of the files so it can run smoother.

No. if you mean installing a rented game to the xbox rather than downloading, two different things. that means copyright so it is illegal

Yes, because you are uploading all of that games data into your hard drive, as opposed to just having your xbox read the disc.

No, you would still need the disk in order to play the game. Installing the game into the HD only makes it perform faster.

You can get it buffed at bestbuy, gamestop, or game central. In the future I would suggest installing you games to your console.

You can get unlimited amounts of money in subway surfers for installing a game.

I tried to install my Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 onto my sisters Xbox 360. It successfully installed but when you press on play from console/hard drive it asks you to insert disk. I am not sure if that is only for certain 360 consoles but most probably for all.

There are very little advantages to this but I belive that if you install a game to your hard drive your xbox will run a little cooler and if your disc shatters or breaks inside the xbox 360 itself then your data from your games is not lost and can be retrieved from your hard drive. Hope this helped.

you have to have the disc in the drive for it to play. When you install game to hard drive it makes it so the disc doesn't have to spin. Therefore it will not be scratched, overheated etc.

You can install Halo Reach to your hard drive like any other Xbox 360 game, however the game must be in the disk drive in order to play the game.(but if you have to put the disk its a waste of time to installing it)

If you installl the scratched disc it won't but if you install a working one (from a friend) it will let you play the scratched one. :)

No the game is not sold or made for the Xbox 360

u grab a xbox 360 controller and turn on the xbox 360 put in a game and play the game

Yes, the Xbox 360 disc cleaner is actually designed to clean an Xbox 360 game disc and to clean the game system.

you have to get the xbox 360 game buffed so it can be fixed.

there will not exist john deere game for xbox 360

No that is why it is called a PSP game and not a Xbox 360 game

Installing your game on the xbox 360 means the game on the disc is saved onto your hard-drive, so in theory you could play it without the disc, but obivously that's pretty bad for business so you still need to put the disc in for the game to run.Firstly, it just makes the game faster. Meaning: better loading times, and sometimes better performance (the game runs smoother.Secondly, the xbox 360 is extremely loud. Installing the game means the xbox won't have to spin the disc and fan it and all that technical stuff. So it runs a lot quieter. Honestly, I can't play a game without installing it now because I'm used to a silent xbox.Thirdly, and most importantly, the disc doesn't have to spin, and the fans don't have to work overtime. So you reduce your chances of getting a red ring. I've had my xbox for 3 years now and it's never crashed or had a 'red-ring of death'.So if you keep your xbox in a clean, well-ventilated room, and install your games, then you could save yourself a lot of cash. I know people who get through an xbox yearly.NOTE: Installing games (obviously) takes up memory, so make sure you have enough space on your hard-drive or memory stick...whatever they're called.

the bets game is call of duty modern warfair 2! i want them to make a wolf 360 game!

flatout is a good demo derby game for the xbox 360

Yes. Look up" Black; the game for xbox 360.''

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